How to export from India?

Starting an export business requires an understanding of compliance, logistics and international marketplaces. Here's a guide for you.
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How to export from India?

How to export from India?

Decide where you want to export

Decide where you want to export

The first step is to understand global markets and the products in demand. This will help you decide what is the right marketplace for your export business. Attend our monthly webinars to understand the opportunities that each marketplace provides.
Get the required documentation

Get the required documentation

Obtain PAN (from Income tax Department) and IEC (from DGFT) to export from India. Application for IEC can be filled online directly on the DGFT website.
Find customers

Find customers

Starting an offline export business might need you to participate in trade fairs, buyer-seller meets, which would cost both time and money. But starting an export business with Amazon is easy and simple. You can reach millions of customers on 18 Amazon global marketplaces.
Ship and receive payments

Ship and receive payments

Timely delivery not only builds trust among your customers but also leads to repeated purchase. As an Amazon global seller, you have two options to ship your products: You can do it yourself (merchant-fulfillment or MFN), or let Amazon handle packaging, and shipping products through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). For payments, you can either open a bank account in the respective country or collect payments in your Indian bank account.

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Export documents required

At every stage of your export journey, you will need to obtain and submit a list of documents, and ensure your business meets required regulations for hassle-free exports. Whether it is registration, shipping or tax, different licences are required depending on the product category being exported, destination country and origin country – India. Some of the mandatory export compliance requirements for an Indian business are:
Export documents required
List of documents required to export from India

Importer Exporter Code (IEC)

IEC is a 10-digit code is issued by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) that is a mandatory requirement to export from India.

Authorized Dealer (AD) Code

An AD Code is a 14-digit code, which is given by the bank where the exporter maintains a business current account. This code, printed with the bank letterhead, can be obtained after the exporter has registered for an IEC by the DGFT. It has lifetime validity.

Please note: AD code letter has to be registered from the Indian Customs at the export port.

Letter of Undertaking (LUT)

Letter of Undertaking (LUT) is a document that exporters can file to export goods or services without having to pay IGST. Exporters can generate a LUT on the GST portal and avail the benefits of zero rated turnover. Exporters can generate LUT once every financial year and provide it to their logistic partner for the shipping bill generation. Without a LUT, exporters need to pay IGST on their exports and seek refund during filing of their returns.

Importer on Record (IOR)

An Importer on Record (IOR) is needed for importing products (under certain conditions, detailed below) into the US. An IOR is responsible for (1) ensuring the imported products comply with the local laws and regulations, (2) paying and filing the duties, taxes and documents associated with the imports.

Export Compliance Dashboard

Export Compliance Dashboard is an Amazon program that enables you to get detailed understanding of documents required for your export business, and connects you with experts who will assist you in meeting the required compliance. In three steps, you can understand what documents are required and how to obtain them to be export-ready.
Exports Compliance Dashboard

Why export from India through Amazon Global Selling?

$8 billion+

Enabled $8 billion in cumulative e-commerce exports by Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling.


Indian exporters selling through Amazon Global Selling across the world.

266 million+

Assisted Indian exporters to sell 266 million+ products to international customers.


Indian exporters crossed $120,000 (INR 1 crore) in sales on Amazon Global Selling in 2022.

How does Amazon Global Selling work?

Step 1

To sell on Amazon international marketplaces, you must create an Amazon seller account on Seller Central. It takes just 15 minutes to register. All you need to register is ID proof, address proof and credit or debit card (international transactions enabled).

Step 2

Once registered, list your products on Amazon international marketplaces. Use latest tools and expert support to make your listings more visible to customers.

Step 3

Choose to manage your own logistics or get expert support from Amazon to store, pack, ship and deliver internationally with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Register with Amazon Global Selling to export.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I export my products from India via Amazon?
Amazon Global Selling provides you access to export and sell on 18 Amazon international marketplaces — the USA (amazon.com), Canada (amazon.com.ca), Mexico (amazon.com.mx); the UK (amazon.co.uk), Germany (amazon.de), France (amazon.fr), Italy (amazon.it), Spain (amazon.es), Sweden (amazon.se), Poland (amazon.pl), Turkey (amazon.com.tr) and The Netherlands (amazon.nl); the UAE (amazon.ae) and Saudi Arabia (amazon.sa); Japan (amazon.co.jp); Singapore (amazon.sg); Australia (amazon.com.au).
What export products can I sell on Amazon international marketplaces?
An Indian exporter can sell a range of products on Amazon across 30+ product categories. Some of the top selling product categories from Indian sellers are:

• Home textile: Bedsheets, kitchen linen, home décor, pillow covers, curtains, carpets, rugs
• Apparel: Men’s garments, womenswear, kid's fashion, ethnic wear like salwar suits, kurta, lehenga, silk saree
• Jewellery: Fashion and fine jewellery
• Leather: Wallets, bags, footwear, accessories
• Health and personal care: Bath towels, home care, toiletries, bath and body products, essential oils
• Consumables: Tea, spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, coffee
• Ayurveda: Organic products, Health supplements, medical items, food and dietary supplements
• Beauty products: Personal grooming, makeup, cosmetics, beauty accessories
• Toys and sport goods: Kids toys, learning/activity boxes, robotic and educational toys, cricket kit
• Office products and furniture: Notepad, novelties, cane and wooden furniture
• Electronics: Cell phone devices, electronic accessories, musical instruments, computers, tools, video and DVD, camera
• Books: Educational, novels, guides

Each product category may require separate licenses and documents, specific to the region of export, origin country and shipping mode. You can use Amazon’s third-party Service Provider Network for assistance in export compliance.
What are the export documents required to sell internationally?
To export from India, sellers have to obtain certain export documents and comply with regulations. Export documents and compliance depends on the product category, origin (India) and destination country. To make your export journey easy, Amazon supports you by providing guidance on the key requirements and regulations, and connects you with experts who will assist you in obtaining your documentation through the Exports Compliance dashboard.
What is the limited period offer to register and get three-month subscription at $1*?
Amazon is offering a three-month subscription at a discounted price of $1 to India-based sellers who register with Amazon Global Selling. You pay a total of $1 for the first three month’s subscription ($1 for first month and $0 for 2nd and 3rd month respectively) instead of paying $39.99 per month and avail savings of $118.97. This offer is limited to selling on Amazon USA, Canada and Mexico marketplaces.
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Limited period offer. *Terms and conditions apply
Exports Digest 2023

Amazon Exports Digest 2023

The Exports Digest 2023 traces the evolution of exports in India and the emergence and potential of ecommerce exports. It also has latest data on top Indian states in terms of exports, bestselling Indian products, and top and emerging marketplaces.
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Logistics made easy

Amazon Global Selling SEND is a cross-border solution that offers a hassle-free shipping process and customs support. If you want to store even a single product for sale in the US, you can use Amazon’s warehouses and pay for storage of that product only, even if it is for just one day.

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