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Gone are the days when artists needed to wait for an exhibition to sell their work and make money from it. First of all, there was the issue of sponsors to host the exhibition. Even if an exhibition were to be hosted, the possibility of all the work getting sold out may or may not happen, depending upon the sensibilities of the people who attend these events. As the online shopping trend grew, more and more retailers started selling online as well. People no longer have to go for an exhibition for an art sale. They can shop for a painting, right from the comfort of their homes. The online market is helping individual artists and curators alike, to sell art to crores of customers across a wide geographical expanse.

The things people can sell online under the art category are:

Local/Tribal Art

Here are some tips on how you can sell your art online:

Market your talent

Social media is a double-edged sword – while some may feel it is an intrusive technology, many people make it work in their favour. A great example of this is, how artists can make use of the various platforms to showcase their work and get recognised for it. Link your social media accounts to the site where the viewers can buy the paintings/sculptures from. This way, you get to market your art in your own style and be able to reach out to relevant audience.

Original v/s copies of the original

There is an ongoing awareness about good art due to the exposure people are getting nowadays. While a majority of people may prefer original art, which is essentially the exclusive copy, different customer sensibilities means that people may also prefer to buy canvas prints of the same. In any case, study your audience, and cater to them accordingly. If you are an artist who prefers not to commercialise your art, then sticking to creating one piece at a time and selling batch-wise may be a good idea. If not, you can get in touch with dealers who can mass-print/create the art from an original prototype you provide them.

Become an art curator

Are you someone who is interested in art but may not necessarily be creative? Becoming an art curator is the next best thing. Often, artists collaborate with business partners to sell their work. You could license a particular artist’s work or strike a merchandising deal with them and become exclusive distributors of their art. This is a win-win for both the parties as the artists get to concentrate on creating good work and the distributors can direct their attention towards the financial aspect. Read how a seller found success by selling paintings online.

Partner with Amazon

Over the years, Amazon has become a platform to buy and sell almost everything. With its global reach, large consumer base and various benefits millions of customers are finding their business path and achieving online success. Whether you are an artist or an art curator, use the Amazon advantage and build a business in the online market. Artists need only produce good work while Amazon picks, packs and delivers to customers across the country. Simply register here to become a seller and sell your art online.
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