How to export coffee from India: A step-by-step guide

India is one of the top countries in coffee export. Identifying this growing demand, sellers from the country are keen on starting coffee export business. In this blog, learn how to export coffee from India in an easy way.
coffee export from india
Did you know that coffee is cultivated in more than 60 countries around the world1? Yet, Indian coffee continues to be a favourite beverage among customers not just in the country but internationally as well. To meet this growing demand, over 70% of the coffee produced in India is exported2. Topping the list of coffee export is Indian Robusta and Arabica beans, which are highly preferred in the international market for their incredible blending quality. From Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to Odisha, Assam and Manipur, coffee is grown in large quantities across the country and later, sourced and sold by sellers3. Here are some of the states that grow and export coffee from India:
coffee export from India

Latest trends of coffee from India

• 8th largest exporter of coffee: India is the eighth largest exporter of coffee by volume.

• $1.12 billion: Export value of Indian coffee as of 2023.

• 82,675 tones: Volume of exports of instant coffee, accounting for about a third of overall Indian export volumes in 20234.

Top countries to export coffee from India

Some of the top countries that import coffee from India are5:

• Italy
• Belgium
• Russia
• Libya
• Poland
• Jordan
• Malaysia
The US
• Slovenia

What are the most exported coffee products from India?

Some of the most exported coffee products from India are6:
1. Robusta coffee beans
2. Green coffee beans
3. Instant coffee

Coffee Board of India

Managed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Coffee Board of India was established to promote sales and consumption of coffee in the domestic and international markets. This body is responsible for conducting research and providing financial assistance to coffee exporters. This institute plans activities for the enhancement of production, productivity, and quality of coffee. They oversee the domestic market as well as promote exports to achieve higher value returns for Indian coffee.

Government schemes that promote coffee exports from India

Export Promotion Scheme:

The export promotion scheme is aimed at enhancing the market share of value-added and high-value differentiated coffee and coffee products in international markets in order to maximize export earnings

Coffee Development Programmes (CDP):

Under this initiative, the government supports the non-traditional coffee-growing regions.

National Policy of Tribal Development:

Under this policy, coffee cultivation is encouraged in non-traditional areas like Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, the northeastern states, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Documents required to export coffee from India

Whether you’re a startup or a regional coffee seller, you can export coffee from India with ease by obtaining a few documents and export compliance. To become a coffee exporter, you can register as a member of the Coffee Board of India via an application for an online Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) for new registration7. The following are the documents required:

● Goods and Service Tax registration certificate (GST)
Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
● Authorised signatory of your business
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license
● Bank performance letter and an authorised signature of bank
● A certificate of Incorporation for Private Limited and Public Limited Companies
Once you are registered, the Coffee Board of India will send you RCMC with other documents to the registered address of the applicant on the IEC certificate. The registered coffee exporter gets an Export Permit and the Certificate of Origin from the Coffee Board of India. For obtaining this certificate, the exporter should apply for Export Permit Application:

How to start a coffee export business with Amazon Global Selling?

With the growing number of eshoppers across the world and ease of selling online, exporters are increasingly opting for e-commerce exports to expand their businesses. The rising demand for Indian coffee in the international market opens up a large scope for coffee exporters from India.

With e-commerce exports program like Amazon Global Selling, Indian sellers can register, list and sell on international marketplaces like the US, the UK, Italy, Australia, the UAE, and more with ease. Whether you’re a coffee manufacturer, supplier or wholesaler, you can register and sell your products to millions of customers shopping on Amazon marketplaces in 200+ countries and territories.

Register your business

First, you must register your coffee export business with Amazon Global Selling. You don’t have to be an existing Amazon India seller. The registration can be done online on Seller Central.
• ID proof (Aadhar, driving license or passport)
• Business address proof (Bank statement)
• Credit or debit card (international transactions enabled)
Amazon seller registration

List your products

Once you have successfully registered to sell globally on Amazon, you can list your coffee products. Remember to follow tips on how to list your products include attractive pictures and descriptions that’s clear to international customers. You can also seek help from third party service providers.
How to list your products on Amazon

Ship and receive payments

Once a customer places an order, you can choose to deliver by yourself or you can opt for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Under FBA, Amazon takes care of shipping, delivery, returns and customer concerns. Once a customer purchases your product, Amazon credits the money in your bank account in the currency of your choice.
Amazon FBA

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is the major importer of coffee from India?
The major Indian coffee importers are USA, France, Italy, Germany, and Turkey6.
How to get an Export Permit to start a coffee export business?
The exporter has to first register as a member of the Coffee Board of India. The registered exporter can file for an online Export Permit Application by visiting and get the Export Permit (Form-C) and ICO Certificate of Origin.
Which country is the biggest importer of coffee?
The US is the biggest importer of coffee6.
Published on October 19, 2021.


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