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Why Sell Books on

E-commerce in India has changed the buying habits of customers. With online selling, buying books has become so easy that books are now one of the top selling categories in e-commerce.

If you are a book-seller, here is your chance to reach crores of customers across India by selling on Amazon. Books are a tax-exempted category (most books sellers should not be impacted by GST). You can start selling books in a jiffy on Amazon by providing your PAN details.

Types of books you can sell on Amazon

Sell novels online
Sell Business and economics books online
Sell School books online
Sell vernacular books online

Step-wise Guide to Selling Books Online

Step 1 - Register as an Seller

To create your seller account on you will need to submit the following details to:
Your GST and PAN information
An active bank account for payments

Step 2 - List your products

To display your products on, you need to list them from your Seller Central account by either:

If the book is available on Amazon

Adding a new offer by matching or scan the product barcode or ISBN using the Seller App

If the books is not listed on Amazon

Creating a new listing by uploading product images and fill in the details
Beginner's Guide to Selling on Amazon
A one-stop guide to help you begin your online selling journey with

Step 3 - Deliver to customer

Once you receive an order for your product, you will need to deliver it to the customer. You can opt for any of these:

Seller Reviews: Insights from Book Sellers

We do not have the knowledge or the manpower to reach the remote areas where people would want our books. We used to miss out on all those orders. But with Amazon, we can get the expertise and infrastructure to do so.
AkashSelling on Amazon through Source Books
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Beginner's guide to Selling on Amazon

A one-stop guide to help you begin your online selling journey with Amazon

Registration steps

Concise and step-by-step walk-through of the new seller registration process on

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