Guide on logistics process to export goods for your business

Export logistics process includes a number of steps from handling and packaging to shipping and delivery. Learn about its process & the documents required in this blog.
export logistics process
While exporting from India, one of the key aspects to plan is export logistics. Whether it is documentation requirements or mode of transport, it is necessary to plan and prepare accordingly to avoid any hassles in export procedures.

What is export logistics?

Export logistics is the process of organization and execution of an end-to-end transportation process involving order handling, inventory management, clearing of export goods and delivery. Within this, there are multiple steps like efficiently handling bulk orders, selecting the mode of transportation, managing inventory, packaging of goods, etc. Efficient export logistics process management is key to hassle-free shipping and helps the business receive positive reviews from customers in the long run.

How does the export logistics process work?

The process of exporting goods from India involves a few parties such as – exporter, importer, bank, insurance companies, clearing and forwarding agents, customs department, port authorities, shipping company, etc. Below is the step-by-step export logistics process:

Step 1:

The process of export starts with quality checks of the export goods and an inspection certificate is obtained.

Step 2:

The customs house agents handle packaging, once inspection is done. They label and mark the goods and make sure that standard shipping practices are followed.

Step 3:

The freight forwarder then gets a delivery order.

Step 4:

Goods are collected and arrangements are made for the pickup and sealing of the containers.

Step 5:

Intermodal transportation is arranged.

Step 6:

Goods are taken to the point of loading from the exporter’s warehouse or factory.

Step 7:

After the arrival of goods at the port (depending on the mode of shipping – ocean freight or air freight), an export agency makes arrangements for customs clearance, documentation, physical verification, etc.

Step 8:

Once done, the export agency pays the port duties.

Step 9:

The export agency hands over the export documents to the shipping line and gets a Bill of Lading (BoL). The exporter sends the original BoL and other required documents to the importer.

Step 10:

The goods are loaded on the carrier and they depart from the point of origin.
How does the export logistics process work?

What documents are required in the export logistics process?

Export logistics involves a list of documents required for smooth shipping of goods. Some of the mandatory documents are:
Commercial invoice
Packing List
Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
• Name and address of the seller (exporter)
• Name and address of the buyer (importer)
Importer of Record (IoR)
• A letter from the shipper providing instructions

It is the duty of the export logistics coordinator to take care of the required and above-mentioned documents for smooth export from India.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an export consignment?
An export consignment is the amount of goods that an exporter exports to the same consignee or importer via the same customs office of export.
What is export warehousing?
The process of storing goods ready to be shipped internationally is called export warehousing. The goods are usually stored in an export warehouse for a certain period of time before being shipped.
What are incoterms in shipping?
Incoterms or International Commercial Terms are a series of pre-defined terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). These incoterms are rules issued by the ICC that define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers in international trade and transactions.
Published on July 28, 2022.

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