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Start your Amazon export business & sell across the world through 18 international marketplaces
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Why sell globally with Amazon?

Global reach


Countries & territories for sellers to expand to and reach millions of shoppers

Revenue generated

$3 Billion+

eCommerce exports sales on Amazon Global Selling

Global customer base

200 Million+

Amazon prime shoppers across the world

Which Amazon international marketplaces to sell in?

With 18 Amazon international marketplaces across the globe, Indian sellers like you have plenty of regions to expand to. If you know where to export from India, then Amazon Global Selling makes it easy and hassle-free.

Explore the Amazon global store and start selling on the most suitable marketplaces for your business:


USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil
Access the world's largest economy without having to set up an export business in the USA. With 1 account, you can sell in the Amazon international marketplaces of the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

3 Billion+

Monthly customer visits

$1,053 Billion+

Estimated eCommerce sales for 2022
Sell in USA, Canada & Mexico with 1 single account
Sell in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Netherlad with 1 single account


UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden,
Spain, Poland, Turkey and the Netherlands
With 290 million monthly unique visitors across 9 marketplaces, Europe is a great place for you to start your Amazon export business. You can sell in 9 countries with 1 account and expand easily across the entire EU with Pan-European FBA.

€39 Billion

Exports from India to Europe

$425 Billion+

Estimated eCommerce sales for 2020

Middle East

UAE and Saudi Arabia
Did you know that UAE has 20x higher GDP per capita than India, while Saudi Arabia’s GDP per capita is 10x higher than India? Expand to the growing markets of the Middle East, which has a high demand for 'Made in India' goods.

$11 Billion+

Estimated eCommerce Sales in in 2020

$34 Billion

Exports from India to UAE and Saudi Arabia
Sell in UAE & Saudi Arabia with Amazon Global Selling
Sell in Singapore with Amazon Global Selling


With 85% of the total population using the internet, Singapore is an exciting new region with high potential for Indian sellers. Make the most of the growing export trade by registering as a global seller with Amazon.

7 Million+

Monthly visits to Amazon international marketplace in Singapore

$2.7 Billion+

Estimated eCommerce sales for 2021


Amazon Australia saw a monthly unique visitor growth of 52% Y-o-Y in 2019. It’s no wonder that Indian sellers are opting to expand their business in this developed country.

44 Million+

Monthly visits to Amazon Australia

$35 Billion+

Estimated eCommerce sales in Australia for 2025
Sell in Australia with Amazon Global Selling
Sell in Japan via Amazon Global Selling


Japan is the world’s third largest economy, and Amazon is a top favourite among e-shoppers there. With Amazon export program, state-of-the-art tools and language support options, you can manage your sales, and translations easily without any hassle.

646 Million+

Monthly customer visits to Amazon Japan

$163 Billion+

eCommerce sales in 2019
Amazon global logistics

Seamless logistics solution for international shipping

Ship directly to international fulfillment centers at competitive prices. Book, pay and track shipments without any hassles from India to the world.
Amazon seller guide checklist

Export documentation
made easy

To assist sellers in their export journey, Amazon provides guidance on key export licenses and connects them with experts who help in obtaining documentation through the Exports Compliance dashboard.

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