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Handmade products on Amazon
You’re running late for the office. You are rushing between different rooms, packing tiffin, finding your wallet and keys, getting ready. And while going crazy trying to reach office on time, a thought pops up in your mind, “I wish I could have followed my love of art for a career. Life would have been so much different.”

Has this ever happened to you? If yes, then you’re not alone. Quite often, it happens that most of us have to end up choosing between spending time on our hobby and pursuing a full-time job. Usually, the job wins, because the monthly income that gets credited in our bank accounts gives us financial security and keeps our lives going.

But in recent years, the notion has changed. Now following your passion and earning are no more two different paths. Many people are successfully turning their hobbies and interests into a money-making business. Amazon India is one such marketplace that helps following your dreams and earn money out of it. Indian sellers across all states regularly sell their products securely to crores of Amazon customers.

Why sell handmade at Amazon?

Selling special products brings special benefits. Apart from a chance to get more profits on your business, here are some of the advantages and liberty you get over others selling handmade at Amazon:

1. Higher Value

People appreciate the hard work and sweat involved in any product and therefore, value them more than machine-manufactured products. The number of hours put in making each product earns much more recognition. This gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd by selling a product in demand and of much higher value. You may earn more profit through these products.

2. Customization

Today is the time of customization. People just love getting everything customized for them, be it clothes, shoes, accessories, home interiors, or anything else. That’s where your skills get to be the hero. By offering the buyers exactly what they are looking for, which is not available in the market, you can swiftly make a mark in the marketplace. Your art gets recognition and you start to build a loyal customer base through your own niche.

3. Skill Refinement

Selling handmade products also gives you a chance to polish your skills. With bulk orders coming in, you learn to refine the manufacturing process to meet the demand. Different requirements help you understand the market and buyers’ needs. Slowly your skills evolve and you become an expert in creating as well as selling your products. And this results in building a respectable brand in the online selling market.

4. Special Place - Amazon Karigar

Realizing the power of selling handmade products in the lives of sellers, Amazon started a program called ‘Amazon Karigar’. This program is especially dedicated to selling handmade products, enabling artisans to showcase ‘Made in India’ products to buyers. The step increases product visibility and shows the buyers just what they are looking for. Through this product categorization, the chances of sale of these products and making profits may increase.

What to sell?

There are millions of products being sold on Amazon right now. You can start selling any craft and art in demand. Amazon offers an extensive range of services that can help you get started with selling your products online. Some of the categories you can choose from are:

- Artwork
- Baby, Beauty and Personal Care
- Clothing, Shoes, and Handbags
- Outdoor and Home decor
- Jewelry, watches and other accessories
- Kitchen and dining wares
- Foods and beverages, especially organic products
- Pet supplies - accessories and food
- Sports goods
- Stationery supplies
- Party supplies
- Toys, games, and much more.

Amazon gives the added benefit of a truly global customer base. It also offers several other services like fast shipping, cash on delivery options, secure payments, etc. So, it’s the moment to leverage these opportunities and make more money.

How to sell?

It’s simple. Fill in this application form & register yourself, create your Amazon Seller account, submit the required documents, and become an Amazon handmade seller. Once your account is set up, you will need to add and list your products. There is no minimum or upper limit for the number of products you can list at a time. Single products can be easily listed through the Seller App. If you have hundreds of products to list, you can also opt to list them in bulk.

See how Abhishek form Udaipur is making fortune selling Rajasthani crafts.

Bringing online business at your doorstep has made pursuing your dreams, hobbies, or passion for a career much easier. Handmade products have opened a new window of opportunity for common people who have a vision of doing something big in their life and start a business of their own.
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