Top Business ideas for women in 2021

Online business for women has skyrocketed thanks to the internet. Today, it’s possible for women to earn big and be successful on their own terms. They can even buy the tools they need online. Here are eight home based business themes that can be started at the comfort of your home.
Women looking forward to starting their very own home business need to have a good idea. Carrying out a business from home is easier, convenient and is low-investment. This blog lists out some of the more successful business ideas for women.

India is moving ahead in so many ways. Women today, whether at home or at office, they are intelligent, confident and career focused. Many have even become successful entrepreneurs too. Some are successfully running their own business from home.

This is why home businesses are attractive to people. They can earn extra income and require minimal investment to begin selling. Making money this way is also simpler for women who are house-wives, office goers – even college students. It begins with selling in the simplest way.

Here are some business ideas that have worked really well,

  • Selling handicrafts online
  • Online gift store
  • Sell traditional sarees online
  • Custom jewellery business
  • Sell paintings or modern art online
  • Become a freelance writer
  • Open a Kids day-care business
  • Sell plants and organic produce online
  • Start an online cloud kitchen
  • Selling handicrafts online
Are you interested in beginning your own company? Thinking of simple, yet profitable home business ideas is a mind boggling task. Especially, finding suitable business ideas for women living in cities with full time jobs plus the extra hassles.

Needless to say, the motivated and confident Indian woman isn’t worried about any of these challenges. True, some of these women did have expert legal advice, financial guidance and eventually grew their home based businesses, earned a large ROI and increased business revenues.

These women also motivated many other women to start their own home businesses. India’s women entrepreneurs support their own financial needs and also contribute to India’s growing economy.

Not all budding entrepreneurs have such readymade benefits, assistance when starting up their business. Some may not have a good idea on what they can sell online too.
Would you like to be a part of this ever-growing group? It’s easy – but first let’s come up with some good ideas. What kind of business would you like to start?
Women entrepreneurship ideas
Did You Know?
Of the 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India, 14% are women. It starts as a small project, but later on can boom into a larger than life business. For example, 9% of startup founders in India are women.

In this article we have expanded on some simple yet profitable business ideas for women. These ideas are suitable for all women- full time job holders, housewives, moms, part timers, women living in the cities or in the rural parts of the country. We have purposely kept a mix of both offline and online business ideas for women..

Home business ideas for ladies

For most women, owning a business of her own is much more than the money related benefits. It is more about creating something of their own, and leaving behind their trail of work for generations to come. It is all about pursuing a dream or passion.

So maybe a hidden creativity or a hobby that you are really good at can turn out to be a business idea and even the best home business idea for you.
Small Business Ideas for women
Today India hosts more business women from the semi-urban and rural areas in comparison to that of the Indian cities. The responsibilities of managing the family remains the same for both urban and rural women, however, so a flexible business would be helpful. Women from small town and villages are eager to own their individual independent businesses. In addition to what some bright, urban are doing.

Also, worth mentioning – is that the Government of India has rolled out schemes to assist these women. More rural women are starting their own small businesses – both online and offline. Let’s take a look at some easy and profitable small business ideas for women at home – for freelancers, working women, housewives, moms and everyone else who is interested in home business ideas for women.

1. Selling handicrafts online

A very lucrative and profitable business idea for women, especially those who are based in rural India, is to sell handicraft items online. Different places of India are famous for their unique handicrafts – from jute bags, terracotta horses, wooden crafts and many more. Indian handicrafts are sorted after by people around the world.

Therefore, it is a good business idea to sell local handicrafts – either on your personal retail store or some good E-commerce marketplace. You will find that many online sellers have registered on Amazon, selling handmade unique craft items online. If you're interested to sell handmade, artisanal & handicraft products, you can register on Amazon Karigar to begin your online selling journey.

Our marketplace is a trusted destination for handcrafted goods and we’re proud of it! Artisans across India chose to follow their passions by selling their creations on Amazon. So next time, consider us if you are thinking of starting your own home based business.

Tip to earn more by selling handicrafts:
Tie up with big corporate offices and hotels in big cities. They always have a huge demand for beautiful art and are also willing to pay the price for good artwork.

2. Start an online gift store

Here is a thing which is always on demand – the need for simple, cute, beautiful and affordable gift items. And believe us this demand is increasing. So, if you like making simple and cute things (maybe even just for the fun of it), start thinking of it as your perfect online business for women from today. The best part is you are free to do such a business in your free time (say only during weekends).

For instance, Priya Tyagi, a resident of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, got inspired by the talent and potential of the local craftsmen and decided to open her own online gift store – Tied Ribbons. Today she has an assortment of more than twenty thousand gift items and home décor products listed on Amazon.

Like any other forward-thinking Indian woman, Priya’s motto is to build all crafts items she sells by local craftsmen and artisans only. Her online business idea not only enabled the local artisans but also employed and given business to many others in the process. For example, the local courier or the delivery boy.

Tip to earn more from your gift store business:
You can start an online gift item store and sell only customized products (as per the demands of your customers). This way every product you sell will be unique and always remain special to your customers. You can sell your gift items on Amazon marketplace to reach out to millions of customers worldwide.

3. Sell traditional sarees online

Selling traditional sarees online can be looked up as a lucrative idea for housewife business. India is a treasure island of beautiful traditional sarees, loved and adored by the entire world. Indian sarees are in huge demand worldwide, hence becoming a great business idea for women. You can also open your retail saree store or choose to reach out to a global customer base by selling saree on popular e-commerce marketplaces. Selling saree online is one of the best business idea for housewives.

4. Custom jewellery business

Yes, another thing which will never go out of fashion in the cities are the huge demand for cool, chic corporate jewellery. A great idea for small business for women at home, isn’t it? Selling custom made corporate jewellery has been taken up by many as a profitable online business. The more unique their designs are, more the demand.

Jewellery like this versatile, making you look great at the office and even while WFH uplifting your mood too.

5. Sell paintings and/or modern art

This business idea for women can be used as both offline and online business from home. Open any popular online shopping site, and search for “paintings” – you will be amazed to see the plethora of art, style, and colours listed down neatly with the art’s and artist’s description. The painting business is actually a quick and easy set-up and one of the best home business ideas, especially for those who have the knack to voice their thoughts through colours and patterns – and earn some extra buck by selling them too. Today you will find a lot of trusted online art selling platforms, which brings together independent artists, patrons and art lovers, and art collectors of-course.

6. Become a freelance writer

Simple it may sound, but freelancing is a great work from home business idea. A good writer can actually have a good daily, weekly and monthly income just by spending a few hours daily, sometimes weekly. Daily because, when you are freelancing, you choose the hours you spend on your writing business and earn accordingly. The best part is with proper strategy and writing for the right publications and magazines will give you the opportunity to associate your name with some really great brands.

Here are a few things you can choose to do as a freelance content writer – content creation or original content development, creative writing, proof-reading or content editing, content marketing, coach aspiring writers, become a blogger or an affiliate marketer.
Today more and more women, especially housewives are taking this up as one of the best work from home business ideas. You will actually be amazed to find that your favourite blogger is but only a housewife!

Tip to earn more from your freelance writing business: Write about topics you love to talk about, and things that interests you the most. For example – sports journal, page 3 gossip, or a great travel journal. Remember that the more you like the subjects you write about, the better you will write, and you may earn more from your home based business.

7. Open a day-care for kids

Yes, this offline business is something that you may consider only if you have some experience with kids. If you can afford more time for your own business, then starting a day care centre is a very good home business idea for women living in Indian cities. With more and more women joining the corporate workforce, parents are now looking for someone more than just a person looking after their kids.

So with a very small investment, you can start a day-care business at your own house where kids can not only spend a few hours (depends on your business strategy) but also spend time with other children and learn crucial life skills like sharing, empathy etc.

The day-care business is a very also a great home based business idea for moms. Not only will you earn from your home business for women, with proper promotion and clever marketing of your day-care business online, you can become really popular and get more and more kids attend your day-care as your business expand.

Tip to open a day care business: Consider starting a day care business only if you love kids. Remember, at times kids can be scarier than the devil himself and you still need to keep your cool and show them the right thing to do!
Day care business for women

8. Sell plants and organic produce

Sangeeta today is the proud owner of ForGreens which was initially started as a small offline store below her home back in 2013. For Green, the name of her online business from home, reflected Sangeeta’s upbringing, covering a wide range of organic produce and products from her farm. All she wanted was to bring a piece of the countryside into the hustle bustle of the busy city life with the help of her home business idea for women.

Things were going slow and there was very less footfall on her offline store, until, one day, Sangeeta decided to move her business online on the Amazon marketplace. With Amazon’s worldwide customer base and some great marketing strategies, Sangeeta’s small business for women at home was able to expand their inventory of organic produce and products, but also helped it reach out to more customers and convert sales to profit.

Selling plants or organic products can be considered as a great housewife business. You can open a retail store, promote it online and sell to a huge customer base both online and offline.

Tip to earn more by selling organic produce: Create your own brand – make your mark on popular ecommerce selling marketplaces.

9. Serve a hot meal

Yes, one of the best home business ideas is serving home cooked meals to the millions of people who are away from their homes and are hungry for clean and healthy food. Some reasons why home cooked meals are considered to be a great home based business idea for moms and working women:

- It is an easy set-up and requires less investment.
- It is a great way to test your creative flair, innovation.
- Home cooked meals don’t have to be a large scale, complicated ordeal.
- An entire home-cooked meal business can be run by a one (wo)man army, i.e. you!
- You can specialise in the type of food you want to make – vegetarian, baked goods and desserts, north Indian, Chinese, continental etc.
- You have control over orders received, advertising and publicity, pricing and more

Several women consider opening bakeries** and it has slowly become one of the best home based businesses for women. You can really consider starting a bakery business with a little expertise and very small investment.

10. Start selling online now

Starting your own business is always a good idea, with all the new, innovative business ideas for women at home. Whether you can dedicate your full time to it, or only spend a few hours on it – home based businesses can succeed. That’s why many women like the ideas of starting their own venture.

With such great support and a readymade e-commerce marketplace like Amazon, any woman can easily set and start running home-based business today. Amazon will surely show you the right path and provide you the required marketing support to make your home business a successful one.

By registering as an Amazon seller, you can take your business to new heights. Not only will you have access to a huge customer base but also the required backend support to keep your business going. From easy registration, product listing, order fulfilment and delivery – you have what you need.

Fascinated by these ideas for home businesses for women? We are too! If you are planning to start your online business, we also have initiative named "Amazon Saheli" to bring to the fore locally made products from women entrepreneurs in India. A program to enable women to become successful sellers on Amazon, make sure you register for Amazon Saheli & start selling on Amazon. Simply list your products on the Amazon marketplace and use our magic marketing tools to do the rest. You can also take your local business to international markets with Amazon Global Selling.
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