Top 6 Pocket-Friendly Business Ideas to start your online business

Find out how to choose an online business

Earning an income without being limited to any particular geographical area would have been just a dream for people several years ago. But thanks to an advancement in technology, making money from the comfort of one’s home has finally become possible. It doesn't matter what your gender or qualification is- everyone can start an online business of their own!

The growth of online businesses in India has been rather quick, which is evident from the numbers put up by several research agencies. Expected to be worth more than ₹28.6 trillion by 2030, entrepreneurs from across the country have been trying to enter the industry and create successful businesses.

So How Do I Choose an Online Business?

Unique online business Ideas that work can be tricky to find. While there are hundreds of options available to choose from, the online business ideas as maybe suitable to you,can be picked by considering some important elements such as:
How tp choose online business
Market Trends: E-commerce is all about changing trends. Customers have a shift in interest as soon as new and innovative products or services become available online. So, it may be helpful to analyse your options and consider those which are both profitable and trending. This may help you scale your business quickly and potentially generate sales.

Competition: Every business may face some kind of competition sooner or later. Even if you create a business that is unique and new, other competitors will soon enter the domain to eat into your market share. Choosing a business that you have prior knowledge or experience in; may be more likely to help you gain an edge over the other businesses.

Target Audience: Several online business ideas often fail to identify their target audience. For unique, innovative and new businesses to be successful, it can be important to find potential customers and learn their purchasing habits.

“But isn't starting an online business costly?”

Well, as with any other sector, there are several pocket-friendly options when it comes to online businesses too. But worry not, with 6 unique online business ideas recommend below, you can choose to start right away with minimal funding.

6 Pocket-Friendly Online Business Ideas To Start Now

Homemade Beauty Products

India is ranked 4th globally when it comes to the revenue generated by the beauty industry. Initially, the scope of making profits within this industry on a local level were believed to be extremely difficult; but this has changed now, thanks to the constantly changing trends.
Homemade Beauty Products
Consumer interest has shifted, with a majority of buyers now looking for locally-made beauty products with natural ingredients. This makes homemade beauty products one of the best online business ideas to consider right now. You can take initiatives such as simply turn to social media channels to learn about creating beauty products.

Since the demand is continuously spiking, starting a homemade beauty products business right now could possibly be a great way to make profits. A key factor to growing this business could be advertising USPs that might appeal to your target audience, and gaining trust as a reputed brand.

Know The Term: USP stand for Unique Selling Point

Organic Snacks

A majority of us Indians snack on products made by major food organisations throughout the day. These snacks may include harmful chemicals, processed ingredients and other unhealthy elements. But this is changing now, as awareness about the side effects of such snacks has also been increasing. A study suggested that one in five Indians are “health seekers”, which means that there is a huge market for healthier snack options today.

One emerging industry that has been gaining popularity due to a rising interest in healthy food is organic snacks. Organic snacks are claimed to be made from natural ingredients that are grown without using harmful chemicals or genetic modifications. They claim to not contain any artificial additives that can be harmful to your health. As a result, thousands of people across the country have been actively looking for such products online.

Vintage and Secondhand Products

Vintage and Secondhand Products
Fast Fashion brands often get slammed for being one of the major causes of global warming. Thrifting and similar concepts have thus gained the attention of a vast majority of people. As a result, the potential for a business that deals with vintage clothing or secondhand utility products has gone up considerably.

One of the many benefits of selling vintage and secondhand products is that the cost of acquiring inventory is often very low, allowing for a potentially high-profit margin. You can also choose to simply become a medium by buying products from thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces and then selling them online as a vintage-products seller yourself.

Another advantage worth noting is that vintage and secondhand products are often unique and in demand by collectors, making them highly desirable to many. If you choose to specialise in selling a particular niche, such as vintage clothing or antique furniture, you can attract a loyal customer base and potentially stand out as a brand with an excellent USP.

Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability is a concept that has been gaining popularity on a global level for the past decade. The eco-friendly product craze has also affected India, making it an excellent business idea to consider. A study by Nielson stated that about 86% of Indian consumers appreciated and encouraged the use of sustainable products in their day-to-day life.
Eco-Friendly Products
This essentially opens up a high-potential market for you to capture, which you can start using very limited resources. The type of products you can create using eco-friendly or recyclable materials include things like paper, pots, paper straws, toothbrushes made of bamboo etc.

Sourcing raw materials for products in this business can be easy and pocket-friendly too. With the right kind of advertising, one may scale their business and cater to a much larger audience. You may also use social media effectively and reach your target market to communicate your business efficiently. Creating strong branding and establishing your business as one that aims to actively help the planet as these brand values are likely to attract customers.

Additionally, by sourcing products from sustainable suppliers, you can also ensure that your business is indeed aligned with your values while providing customers with products that are good for the planet.

Scented Candles or Oils

Another example of an economic business idea that anyone can start right now from the comfort of their homes is creating and selling scented candles or oils. While it does involve purchasing raw materials, the cost of acquiring required supplies like wax, wicks and scents are relatively much lower when compared to potential profits.

A report by Grand View Research claimed that the global candle market size was valued at USD 3.36 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.0% from 2023 to 2028. The same report also states that the rising demand for decorative and aromatherapy candles is currently driving the market's growth. This growth can be routed to the increasing awareness of the benefits of essential oils, such as stress relief and relaxation, among consumers.

You can also appeal to a much more diverse audience since products such as scented candles allow you to introduce creativity to each product by yourself. By experimenting with various candle designs, such as jars, tins, or tea lights, you can successfully attract customers with different tastes and styles. It has a low storage requirement, can be shipped easily, and can be created in a variety of ways to appeal to a diverse audience, all at the same time.

Naturally, the demand for scented candles also hit India in the past couple of years, and the sales for existing companies has potentially increased . However, the business category is still new and has much lesser competition, making it one of fruitful ideas to consider.

Handmade Toys or Game

Are you someone who is interested in exploring new games or creating puzzles? Then why not sell your expertise by making it into a business? Handmade products are often enjoyed by customers today since they provide an added layer of personalization and creative touch. However, there are barely any established handmade toy brands in India right now that appeal to the modern audience.

While there are major players in India that create toys, puzzles or other games for infants, teenagers or even adults, handmade toys and games have an advantage as they can offer a unique touch that is not found in these mass-produced items. This can be a significant selling point for customers who value individuality and authenticity. Marketing your handmade toys and games effectively may help you build a loyal customer base and increase brand awareness.
Handmade Toys or Game
Making handmade toys is easy, and can often be done from the comfort of your home. There are multiple avenues where you can build your toy business, and eventually scale it to a larger level. With the right marketing strategies, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service, selling handmade toys and games can be a very profitable online business idea.

Choosing the business idea that suits you best is what can help you turn your skills into profits. However, it is important to consider the factors we previously mentioned while making a final decision. Pocket-friendly online business ideas can be started from one’s home, and then grown into something way bigger and more popular.

But it is essential to understand that each business needs to be launched correctly. Selling on high-traffic marketplaces that are seller-friendly may usually be the smart thing to do, especially if you are looking to start your business with a small investment.

For instance, is one such e-commerce marketplace where more than 10 crore+ buyers transact from different third-party sellers, In order to become a seller on, you will be required to register as a seller and get started.
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