Amazon Exports Digest 2022

Digitization and e-commerce: The golden ticket to exports

An overview of the growing exports from India and the infinite opportunities offered by e-commerce exports program - Amazon Global Selling.


Amazon Global Selling launched the 4th edition of its Amazon Exports Digest 2022 on 4th May, 2022. The coffee table book provides insights into the success and scale of e-commerce exports from India through Amazon Global Selling, reflecting a significant increase in demand for Indian products across global markets and the growth of Indian exporters selling globally.

With growing internet penetration and technology adoption by MSMEs, e-commerce exports have seen a steady rise in India and around the world. The Amazon Exports Digest 2022 gives you an overview of top emerging cities, bestselling Indian products, factors driving the growth of exports, especially via e-commerce, and the initiatives taken by Amazon to further accelerate India's exports. Here's an overview of some of the key points in the changing landscape of India's exports:

$5 billion

Indian exporters on track to surpass in cumulative exports through Amazon Global Selling


Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling crossed INR 1 crore in sales
in 2021


Indian sellers exporting with Amazon


International marketplaces with millions of shoppers


Seeing the growth in number of exporters joining the Amazon Global Selling program and the growing demand for Made in India products across the world, we are scaling up our pledge to boost cumulative exports from India using
e-commerce to $20 billion by 2025.

Amit Agarwal,
Senior Vice President, India and Emerging Markets, Amazon

Amazon Global Selling: Taking India to the world

$5 billion

on track to surpass as cumulative exports through Amazon Global Selling


Countries & territories for exporters to expand to


Products from India launched for 2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale on Amazon marketplaces

Top products

Top cities



Surat . Jaipur .
Kolkata . Amritsar



Mumbai . Jodhpur .
Bengaluru . Roorkee



Mumbai . Delhi .
Jaipur . Lucknow



Noida . Erode .
Mumbai . Jaipur


From the Minister's desk...

The increased accessibility to e-commerce has enabled MSMEs to actively participate in foreign markets and deepen their global footprint. Amazon India, through its various initiatives, has contributed significantly in this direction.

Shri Narayan Tatu Rane
Hon’ble Minister, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,
Government of India

India’s growing exports

Enabling ecosystem for India’s exports

Benefits - Secure payments

Steady growth of MSMEs

To boost MSME contribution to 50% of the GDP by 2025, the government plans to strengthen the manufacturing base and augment the competitiveness of MSMEs.
Emerging startup community

Emerging startup community

With increasing digital penetration, new-age consumer startups are on the rise, exploring new avenues to take their Indian brand to international marketplaces.
Icon: a hand holding a floating dollar sign

Digitization driving agility

Amidst unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, Indian exporters adopted the use of digital technologies and e-commerce, hence shifting their business models.
Experts speak

According to UNCTAD, the global B2C e-commerce market is about $5 trillion. Of this, B2C e-commerce international trade is about 9% and is growing each year. COVID-19 has given a further spurt to this growth. The similar shift has been observed In India.

Dr Harsha Vardhana Singh

Mr Jayanta Dasgupta

Former Deputy Director-General,
World Trade Organization
Former Indian Ambassador,
World Trade Organization

Amazon partnerships

Secure payments
Signed MoUs with the Government of Gujarat and Government of Karnataka to help drive e-commerce exports from the states.
Stress-free shipping
Conducted 40+ education webinars for Indian exporters and export promotion councils on e-commerce exports.
Launched Propel Accelerator season 1 in collaboration with Invest India. Received endorsement from Shri Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog for season 2.
To achieve our vision of global trade of spices, Indian exporters and MSMEs play a key role. Our association with Amazon Global Selling is helpful in educating exporters on the ease of expanding internationally with e-commerce to take Indian spices and spice products across the globe.
B. N. Jha,
Director - Marketing,
Spices Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India
We saw an overwhelming response with over 250 participants in our webinar with Amazon Global Selling. The Amazon team shared interesting insights on growing opportunities across the globe for Indian products, which helped our exporters understand the possibilities and ease of e-commerce exports.
Bhupender Singh,
Head of North Region, Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)

Hear from a seller & their international customers

Seller speaks
We are not just research-centric but also a highly customer-focused brand. Amazon enables us to further serve our customers across the world with its international tools and e-commerce exports program, Amazon Global Selling. Our goal is to reach 10 million consumers, and Amazon Global Selling is enabling us to achieve this. We are humbled to see the amazing things Amazon customers say about our products.
Taha Nabee,
Founder, Aromatan, Mumbai
Customer testimonial
The smell is amazing. I bought the roll on and loved the scent so much that i bought the spray. It’s sweet and almost floral, but it’s truly on of the most lovely scents I’ve ever purchased which is why i bought more. The spray is lighter than the roll on.
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In the media

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'Global Selling' from India: Amazon aims to log $20 bn worth exports by 2025
Published on May 4th, 2022.


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