Everything You Need to Know About the Federation of Indian Export Organisations

The Federation of Indian Export Organisations represents over 100,000 exporters across India — giving them the required assistance and benefits that can improve their export businesses. In this blog, we'll tell you all about the apex body and its role in India's export trade.
Federation of Indian Export Organisations
India’s country's exports are expected to reach USD 290 billion by the end of this financial year1! This data shows the growing amount of scope for exporters from India to start their export businesses. What’s interesting to note is that this is a two-way chain: While the demand for ‘Made in India’ products is growing globally, exporters are also identifying this trend and using this opportunity to expand their businesses.

To support and assist thousands of such exporters, the Federation of Indian Export Organisations was established. Set up by the Ministry of Commerce, this is a dedicated body to supervise and promote exports in the country.

For an entrepreneur looking to expand globally, reduce costs, and tap a larger market, exports through ecommerce are not just a viable medium but also hassle-free. Understanding this growing opportunity, the organization has also encouraged exporters to opt for ecommerce exports that can be done from anywhere, anytime in India.

Setting up an export business is easy. In this blog, we'll help you understand the import export policy, export licence of India and schemes that can benefit your businesses.

Federation of Indian Export Organisations' role

The apex body plays an essential role in coordinating export activities for all Indian exporters. It acts as a medium between exporters and various export organizations around the globe to supervise and ensure easy trade from India2. This builds an environment where exporters have a fair chance of flourishing.
  • The Federation of Indian Export Organisations helps in reviewing, authorizing and recommending to the government grievances and import-export policies that can help benefit Indian exporters.
  • It aids in sponsoring trade, economic missions, and export houses.
  • The Federation of Indian Export Organisations arranges for media, publications, exhibitions, and trade fairs to showcase Indian products in the global markets.
  • The body maintains a relationship with various international agencies that play an essential role in global trade like ITC, WTO, IMF, and more.
  • Indian exporters can also avail the benefit of sponsorships from the Federation of Indian Export Organisations like the Market Development Assistance grants, reimbursement of travel expenses for services related to India’s consultancy.
  • How to export from India?

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    Published on Apr 25, 2021

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