Sports Goods Export Promotion Council: How to register?

The export of sport-related goods and its promotion is overseen by the Sport Goods Export Promotion Council of India. In this blog, learn the role of SGEPC and how to become a member.
Sports Goods Export Promotion Council
Driven by skilled workforce and innovation, India’s sports goods industry is popular around the world with an established space in the global market. To promote the industry further and assist exporters from India, Sports Goods Export Promotion Council was established in 1958. With over 200 manufacturers and exporters, SGEPC works to ensure smooth functioning and growth of the sports goods industry in the country. This organization is led by a committee of elected representatives from the Indian Sports industry and government representatives1.

Role of SGEPC in India’s export trade

Authentication of exporters:

SGEPC is keeps a record of the annual sports goods exports and analyses the year-on-year growth for further planning and strategies. It maintains records about the export of sports goods and toys from India.

Promotion of the industry:

The Sports Goods Export Promotion Council promotes the entire industry internationally. It also becomes a meeting point for all sports goods exporters from the country to exchange views and decide common strategies for promotion. The main objective of SGEPC is to promote exports of sports goods and toys from India. It provides recognition to leading exporters and also to entrepreneurs and achievers.

Buyers-sellers meets:

It organizes buyer-seller meets in countries that have potential importers of sports goods from India. SGEPC also hosts trade promotion activities, international trade fairs, visits of business delegations, and promotional campaigns in the international market to enable Indian exporters to get required exposure and understanding of trade.

Bridge between the industry and government:

SGEPC collects feedback from exporters and provides it to the Government of India for policy formulation and incentives, acting as a direct link between the industry and government. It also provides visa recommendation letters to members to facilitate their export promotion visits.

Implementation grants and schemes:

The Sports Goods Export Promotion Council grants participation in overseas activities and provides duty-free import of notified raw materials for sports goods. It also helps in implementing schemes and promotions for sports goods exporters in India.

Market studies and updates:

The Sports Goods Export Promotion Council provides information on market intelligence, trends, international news through its communication channels, webinars and workshops. This helps exporters stay updated about the latest news in the industry, which impact their businesses.

How to become a member of SGEPC?

The council has two memberships – associate and ordinary. Following are the documents required to become a member of the Sports Goods Export Promotion Council2:
Import and Export Code (IEC) issued by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
● Bank Confidential Report from the Bankers of the applicant firm
● In case of manufacturer-exporter, the application form must be accompanied by a photocopy of the registration certificate issued by the General Manager, District Industries Centres
● Sales turnover of exports of sports goods of previous financial year
● Undertaking as per the format shared by the council

Once you have the required documents, submit an application to become a member of the Sports Goods Promotion Council. After registration, you will receive Regulation-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC).

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Published on November 10, 2021.


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