Everything you need to know about Handloom Export Promotion Council

Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC) is a statutory body in India, which promotes handloom export and assists sellers by providing guidance in export trade for the industry. Learn more about the benefits, role and membership of HEPC in this blog.
handloom export promotion council
From pastel handwoven sarees and kurtas to chic handcrafted accessories and home furnishings, India’s handloom industry is popular for its intricate designs and craftsmanship across the world. It is this popularity that also makes handloom products one of the high in-demand categories on international marketplaces. From Panipat and Banaras to Kanchipuram and Pochampalli, handloom products are woven and exported from some of these top cities across India.

To regulate and assist handloom exporters from India, the Ministry of Textiles established the Handloom Export Promotion Council. This body helps ensure the smooth functioning of the handloom industry. It supports and guides the Indian handloom fabric exporters and international buyers to increase international trade. With the ease of exports through e-commerce, Indian sellers have captured international customers with their handloom products in countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, the UAE, and many more1.

Role of Handloom Export Promotion Council

Promotion of handloom products:
As a primary role, Handloom Export Promotion Council gives a boost to the handloom sectors by promoting products like fabrics, cover floorings, home furnishing and carpets.

Growth of the handloom sector:
HEPC is concerned with the growth of the Indian handloom sectors and its products. They conduct international trade fairs and exhibitions and encourage other trade promotional activities.

Helping the handloom exporters:
The Handloom Export Promotion Council provides financial grants to handloom exporters with market development assistance. It also organizes and participates in international trade fairs and buyer-seller meets in India and abroad.

• Making Indian handloom products popular:

HEPC popularizes Indian handloom products abroad through website publicity, advertisements, trade magazines, conducting hand-woven shows, and council publications.

Providing training and workshops for handloom exporters:
HEPC conducts workshops, seminars on new technology in handloom practices to improve quality, productivity. It also focuses on popularizing product innovations, modern dyeing practices, merchandising practices, packaging methods, and many more.

How to become a member of Handloom Export Promotion Council?

Any Indian seller can become a member of HEPC either as a merchant exporter or a manufacturer exporter through an online application on the council’s website2.
● To become a Registered Textile Exporter (RTE), you must fill up the membership form.
● You must have an Import Export Code (IEC) from the office of the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and begin registration with the Export Promotion Council.
● Next, you also need to mention whether you want to register as merchant exporter or manufacturer exporter.
● You must send digital signature certificate and also the list of partners, organizations or directors with a self-attested copy and MSME certificate, if you have one.

How to export handloom from India with Amazon?

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Register your business

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List your products

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Ship and receive payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which council promotes exports of handlooms?
The Handloom Export Promotion Council promotes exports of handlooms in India. It is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and supports handloom exporters in smooth and hassle-free exports.
What are the objectives of the Handloom Export Promotion Council?
The Handloom Export Promotion Council is responsible for:
• To promote and export handloom products
• To address the exporters and producers of the export goods about the ways to increase the performance level in export sector
• To organize trade delegations to explore more exporting opportunities
• Organizing trade fairs, exhibitions, and seminars meet for the exporters
• To prepare the handloom industry and its exporters to compete with foreign rivals
Which exporters can register with the Handloom Export Promotion Council?
Both merchant exporter and manufacturer exporter can register with the Handloom Export Promotion Council. Once registered, sellers can become Registered Textile Exporters and obtain Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) under Foreign Trade Policy.
What kind of leather does India export?
India is known for exporting finished leather goods, such as leather footwear, leather garments, and accessories.
Published on October 19, 2021.


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