All you need to know about Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council

Jute Export Promotion Council facilitates international trade and promote exports of jute products. Learn more about its role and benefits of membership.
Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council
Established in 1956, the Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council (JPDEPC) is an industry-led group that was founded to promote jute product exports from India. It works with the government and jute exporters to improve trade in the industry. For any seller interested in exporting jute products from India, it is necessary to be a member of this export promotion council. It aims to facilitate international commerce under the National Export Policy by coordinating activities of exporter members under the supervision of the National Jute Board (NJB)1.

Role of JPDEPC

The role of council is to:
• Organize product-specific and target group-specific seminars, trade fairs, workshops and buyer-seller meets in India and abroad to enable interaction between suppliers and buyers.
• Analyze buyer and seller markets for jute products and avenues where Indian jute can be distributed across diverse markets, allowing the Government of India and respective stakeholders to develop their export strategy and marketing plan.
• Act as a registering authority to issue Registration-Cum-Membership Certificates (RCMC) to exporters of jute and jute products following the Directorate General of Foreign Trade’s (DGFT) notice in May, 2011.
• Works to expand its range of operations to meet requirements of both current and aspiring businesses to enable them to contribute to export baskets of jute products.

Advantages of Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council

The Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council offers many benefits to its members that can help their businesses in the international market. Some of these benefits are:

Market development assistance

The jute export promotion council assists its members in market growth through a variety of schemes. JPDEPC provides initiatives such as scholarships and incentive schemes supported by the National Jute Board.

Trade leads

Members of JPDEPC get trade inquiries through email. This allows them to build their network and business across the world. These leads are especially important to new exporters who have recently joined JPDEPC.

Trade shows and exhibitions

The jute export promotion council conducts trade events for its members to display their products and services to a large audience. These exhibitions assist exporters gain visibility for their businesses and foster growth in the jute sector. International trade exhibitions also assist exporters in obtaining export leads.

VISA recommendations

The council assists members with their VISA application process. The JPDEPC provides recommendation letters in the exporter’s name, making it easier for them to secure a VISA. A VISA recommendation is an important feature since there are instances where an exporter might need to make an urgent overseas journey to visit a customer and close an agreement. In such circumstances, if the VISA procedure takes a long time or there are certain obstacles in the way, a suggestion from JPDEPC works effectively.

Taxation and financial assistance

The jute promotion council assists its members with taxation and filing of export returns. With JPDEPC’s assistance, exporters can also avail business loans if they want monetary credit for their export transactions. The council recommends exporters to banks, which expedites the process and allows them to obtain loans at a reduced interest rate.

Schemes under JPDEPC

Some of the schemes under the council are2:
• MAI (Market Access Initiative Scheme) 2021
• CSAPM (Capital Subsidy for Acquisition of Plants and Machinery) Scheme for JDPS (Jute Diversified Products)
• PLIS (Production Linked Incentive Support) Scheme for JDPS (Jute Diversified Products)
• EMPA (Export Market Promotion Activities) Scheme
• Scholarship Scheme for Children (Girl) of MSME-JDP Units Workers
• NHDP (National Handicrafts Development Programme) Scheme
• MSME Schemes
• Policies for Repayment of Airfare to Participants in MAI-Approved Events Abroad

How to register with JPDEPC?

To join the Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council, follow the below-mentioned steps3:
1. Go to the official website of JPDEPC.
2. Go to the ‘Members’ drop-down and click on ‘Member Application form’ in the menu bar.
3. Get appropriate information about the membership fees that need to be paid for the application.
4. Scroll down and download the membership form from the links provided at the bottom of the page.
5. Fill in the form and include a printout of your payment receipt.

Once the submission is confirmed, the council will verify and approve your membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export jute products from India?
If an exporter wants to export jute products from India, they need an Import Export Code (IEC) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) from JPDEPC.
Which are the top jute exporting countries and markets?
The top exporting countries of jute are Bangladesh, India, Kenya, China and Belgium4.
Do we need any special documents to export jute from India?
For exporting jute and jute products, exporters are required to obtain an Import Export Code (IEC) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and a Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) from the JPDEPC. Apart from this, depending on your shipping mode and product category, you will need to obtain other licenses and documents like shipping bills, Bill of Lading, etc.
Under which ministry does JPDEPC fall?
JPDEPC comes under the Ministry of Textiles.
Published on November 29, 2022.


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