Council for Leather Exports: How to register?

Council for Leather Exports is an export promotion council in India that promotes and works towards the growth of leather exports from India. In this blog, learn more about CLE and the registration process.
council for leather exports
Being one of the top exporters of fine quality leather, India accounts for 13% of the world’s total leather production1. Multiple industries in India like apparel, home textile and décor, footwear and accessories for electronics depend on leather to produce quality products. Countries like the USA, Germany, the UK, Italy and France lead the list of regions that import leather products from India. Recognizing the growing demand and opportunities for sellers in India, Council for Leather Exports (CLE) was established to develop the industry and India’s export trade smoothly.

What is the role of Council of Leather Exports?

The Council for Leather Exports, as an apex leather export promotion council, provides Indian businesses access to international markets to promote products made in India. Functioning under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India, CLE aims to ensure the overall development of the Indian leather industry2. Following are the roles of the leather export promotion council:

Promotes leather exports:

The Council for Leather Exports helps exporters in promoting their products in the international markets. It organizes international leather trade fairs and specialized trade shows to help sellers interact with potential customers. It identifies potential issues in trading procedures and informs about the same to the concerned authorities.

Provides latest market updates:

The Council for Leather Exports shares market information, trends, updates and demands on the commercial and technological developments of the leather industry. It hosts seminars and workshops to educate local leather exporters about new strategies and regulations.

Builds global trade relations:

The leather export promotion council helps importers who want to source and buy leather products reach sellers in India. By identifying the requirements globally and facilitating it with availability of leather in India, it strengthens leather exports. It provides guidance to international buyers to establish business collaborations and alliances with Indian exporters.

Forms a bridge between the government and leather exporters:

The Council for Leather Exports serves as a link between the government and leather exporters, representing policy measures that impact the growth of the industry. It also identifies exporters’ problems and aims to resolve them.

Aids in infrastructure improvement:

Besides market development and promotion of exports, it also works on infrastructure and skill development of exporters. The Council of Leather Exports covers technology upgradation, product and service quality improvement, setting and implementing standards of deliverables, among others.

How to register with the Council of Leather Export?

Documents required for membership

A leather exporter can become a member with by applying online. Following are the required documents3:
1. Membership application form
2. Membership fee to be paid
3. Export performance of the last three years that is duly certified by a Chartered Accountant
4. Self-attested copy of Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
5. Self-attested copy of GST number
6. Self-attested copy of PAN number
7. If it is a manufacturing exporter, a self-attested copy of the SSI (Small Scale Industry Registration) certificate or Industrial License or IEM (Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum) used by the licensing authority needs to be submitted.

Once you become a member of the Council of Leather Exports, a Registration-Cum-Membership-Certificate (RCMC) is issued, which remains valid for 5 years.

Process to register

● Visit the official website of DGFT or Council of Leather Exports.
● Click on the Services tab and select E-RCMC from the drop-down menu.
● Pay the required membership fee.

Post this, CLE will verify the application and issue an RCMC through DGFT.

Benefits of becoming a member of CLE

Once an exporter becomes a member of CLE, below-mentioned benefits can be availed4:

Marketing development assistance

The registered members who participate in CLE-organized events can get reimbursement for their expenditure. Concessions will also be provided on travel expenses by air, in economy excursion class fare, and also on the charges of the uilt-up furnished stall in overseas trade fairs and exhibitions.

Duty Free Import Scheme

Manufacturers or exporters of leather garments, who are the registered members of CLE and have a valid RCMC, can avail of this scheme.

Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme

This scheme allows the import of capital goods to be used for preproduction, production, and post production at zero customs duty.

How to export leather from India?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we export leather from India?
Yes. Leather is widely exported from India to the world. India is one of the largest exporters of leather products globally offering – apparel, footwear, bags, wallets, accessories and more.
What kind of leather does India export?
India is known for exporting finished leather goods, such as leather footwear, leather garments, and accessories.
What assistance does the Council for Leather Export provide to its members?
The members of CLE can avail benefits of various schemes implemented under the Foreign Trade Policy. In addition to that, members also receive a free copy of the monthly magazine issued by CLE – Leather India News, regular updates on drawback rates, market information, policies, and latest trends in the leather industry.
Published on October 20, 2021.


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