Everything you need to know about the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)

The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) represents over 100,000 exporters across India — giving them the required assistance and benefits that can improve their export businesses. In this blog, we'll tell you all about the apex body and its role in India's export trade.
Federation of Indian Export Organisations
The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) represents over 100,000 exporters across India — giving them required assistance and benefits to improve their export businesses. In this blog, we'll tell you about the apex body and its role in supporting exports from India.

India’s exports are steadily growing, opening up new opportunities for MSMEs. The advancement of technology and internet is allowing exporters to sell internationally without setting up a store abroad. What’s interesting to note is that this is a two-way chain: While the demand for ‘Made in India’ products is growing globally, exporters are also identifying this trend and using this opportunity to expand their businesses. To support and assist thousands of such exporters, FIEO was established.

What is the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)?

For an entrepreneur looking to expand globally, reduce costs and reach a larger market, exports through e-commerce is not just a viable medium but also hassle-free. Understanding this growing opportunity, the organization has also encouraged exporters to opt for e-commerce exports. Set up by the Ministry of Commerce, Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO ) is a dedicated body to supervise and promote exports in the country.

With the primary purpose of helping exporters take their businesses global, FIEO actively works towards addressing issues and challenges exporters face with different processes and agencies and finding the right solution for them. FIEO’s head office is located in New Delhi and functions as an empowering entity for entrepreneurs to take their business to an international level.

Role of FIEO in India's export trade

The apex body plays an essential role in coordinating export activities for all Indian exporters. It acts as a medium between exporters and various export organizations around the globe to supervise and ensure easy trade from India2. This builds an environment where exporters have a fair chance of flourishing.
  • The Federation of Indian Export Organisations helps in reviewing, authorizing and recommending to the government grievances and import-export policies that can help benefit Indian exporters.
  • It aids in sponsoring trade, economic missions, and export houses.
  • The Federation of Indian Export Organisations arranges for media, publications, exhibitions, and trade fairs to showcase Indian products in the global markets.
  • The body maintains a relationship with various international agencies that play an essential role in global trade like ITC, WTO, IMF, and more.
  • Indian exporters can also avail the benefit of sponsorships from the Federation of Indian Export Organisations like the Market Development Assistance grants, reimbursement of travel expenses for services related to India’s consultancy.
  • Services offered by FIEO

    The Federation of Indian Export Organisations offers several services for exporters. Here are some of them:
    • A weekly bulletin to update exporters with the latest information and developments in international trade and India’s foreign trade sector.
    • Free access to the Indian Trade Portal which offers knowledge about Preferential tariffs, MFN tariffs, SPS/TBT, Import statistics of 87 countries and India’s import contribution.
    • Dedicated chat services on the FIEO website that answer exporters’ queries regarding arbitration, technology transfer, international agreements, corporate legal affairs, brand management, trademarks and copyrights.
    • Specialised FOREX services such as Forward Calculator, Forward Rates, Spot Rates, LIBON Rate, Currency Source, Historical Data, FOREX Matrix, etc.

    These services help exporters find solutions to their queries and grow their businesses.

    What are the benefits of FIEO registration?

    Registering with FIEO enables sellers to make the most of the perks that are granted under the foreign trade policy. Obtaining an RCMC (Registration-cum-membership Certificate) validates seller's export business and marks it as authorized by the Indian Government. To get this certificate, you have to enroll as a member of FIEO. Here are some of the benefits of RCMC:
    A) Exporter gets concessions and benefits offered under the Foreign Trade Policy.
    B) An exporter with RCMC registration becomes a part of a worldwide network of exporters and importers.
    C) The certificate holders can be a part of various international exhibitions and trade fairs that give them an opportunity to showcase their products in the international markets.
    D) The RCMC certificate holders are also eligible for various incentives and profitable schemes launched by the government.

    The Federation of Indian Exports organization ensures that the members can promote their businesses internationally and claim the offers and schemes by the Foreign Trade Policies that benefit them. Following are the ways in which FIEO benefits the exporters:
  • FIEO automatically issues RCMC to both the status holders and non-status holders (under multiple product categories) to be able to gain the concessions granted under the Foreign Trade Policy.
  • FIEO organizes meetings informing exporters about the upcoming delegations to help the members make the most of it.
  • The members get to discuss issues with higher authorities like excise, customs, DGFT, etc. Their problems are treated as priority and resolved.
  • Members of the Federation of Indian Export Organization are entitled to 10% discount on the membership fee of 5 years and 5% discount on the membership fee of 3 years.
  • Members get the online chat facility by FIEO that allows international calls for policy or trade related concerns.
  • The members get to discuss issues with higher authorities like excise, customs, DGFT, etc. Their problems are treated as priority and resolved.
  • Eligibility to obtain RCMC from FIEO

    Service, manufacturer, merchant and merchant-cum-manufacture-exporters can register with FIEO to get RCMC. Here's the eligibility for the same:

    • An exporter can register export products with FIEO if it is not covered by any Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board.

    • The exporter can obtain RCMC from FIEO if it is a multi-product exporter who is not registered with any EPC.

    • FIEO works as a registration authority for service exporters that export services other than the 14 services covered under the Handbook of Procedures.

    What documents are required for FIEO registration?

    Submit the completely filled and signed RCMC application form with the self attested copies of:
    1. IEC number
    2. PAN card
    3. GST registration certificate
    4. Bank statement
    5. Articles or memorandums of association, partnership deed or trust deed (if any).
    6. SSI/IEM certificate (for the business of manufacturing goods.)

    What is the registration process for FIEO?

    Here is a step-by-step procedure to register with FIEO:

    Step 1

    Visit the official website of FIEO and click on the 'Membership' tab. Then, click 'How to apply for RCMC registration' and follow further steps. You can also download the application form from the download tab.

    Step 2

    Once you click on the membership tab, you are redirected to a new page where you need to add your credentials. Enter your username, password and Import Export Code (IEC).

    Step 3

    Provide information such as name, address and status of your export house under the ordinary membership tab. The export house status can be from 1 Star/ 2 Star/ 3Star/ 4 Star/ 5Star/ service exporter/ registered member to EPC, Chamber of Commerce or Association of Institutes.

    Step 4

    Enter details such as type of export, firm type (partnership/company) and key management executives such as company directors and stakeholders.

    Step 5

    In the final step, provide GST details and letter of authority. It will specify the representing authority that will represent the applicant for FIEO.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is FIEO registration beneficial for exporters?
    FIEO offers many benefits to exporters from India:
    1. Global exposure through an entry into the internationally acclaimed exhibitions or trade fairs.
    2. Guidance on corporate laws and import export policies from time to time.
    3. Additional 10% discount on international travel due to work.
    What is the function of FIEO?
    FIEO acts as a bridge between exporters and various export organizations across the world to supervise and ensure easy trade from India. Below are a few functions of FIEO:
    1. Conduct meetings and seminars to discuss and resolve challenges faced in India’s exports.
    2. Organize conferences with trade missions for all the businesses across the globe.
    3. Arrange exhibitions and advertisements to exhibit Indian products and services in the international markets.
    4. Help exporters understand the sales patterns and suggests ways to make them more profitable.
    5. Maintain liaison with agencies, trade associations and all the departments concerned.
    6. Assist in promoting trade between India and other countries.
    7. Offer concessions and schemes that makes the process more economical for the members.
    Is FIEO an Export Promotion Council?
    FIEO is the apex body of all the export promotion councils. An exporter must submit an application to the EPC (FIEO in India), to declare their line of business, in order to obtain an RCMC.
    Is RCMC with FIEO mandatory?
    Yes, as per the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), every exporter must obtain Registration-cum-Membership Certificate to receive benefits under FTP.
    What are the benefits of FIEO in export and import?
    Here are some of the benefits of FIEO:
    • Guidance and exposure on global marketplaces.
    • Online chat feature to seek guidance on various issues related to FTP and corporate laws.
    • FIEO members avail discount on domestic and international flights.
    • Major credit rating agencies like CRISIL offer discount on credit analysis services for registered members.
    What is the difference between FIEO and Export Promotion Council?
    EPC is a non-profit organization established under the Indian Companies Act that performs executive and advisory functions for exporters. On the other hand, FIEO is an apex body jointly established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the private trade industry in 1965 and functions as a partner of the Government of India to promote Indian exports.
    Published on Apr 25, 2021


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