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Export to Australia

Why export to Australia?

The export of Made in India goods to Australia have seen a steady rise. The growing demand for these products has led to an increase in bilateral trade between the countries. India and Australia also entered into an Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement in December 2022. More and more Indian MSMEs are expanding their local businesses to the world and make the most of this growth in trade1.

Trends in exports from India to Australia

$6.5 billion

India’s exports to Australia from India in 2022–23 (April-February)2.

$43.21 billion

Projected reach of the e-commerce market in Australia in 20233.

21.3 million

Expected number of users in the e-commerce market by 20274.

Top reasons to export to Australia from India

Benefits - Secure payments

Emerging global marketplace

Australia is one of India’s emerging marketplaces on Amazon Global Selling with a growing demand for international products in 2022.
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Amazon’s tools for easy exports

Focus on your business and let Amazon help you with international shipping and logistics. With Amazon FBA, exporting from India to Australia is hassle-free.
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Amazon’s international sale events

Increase sales by selling in Amazon Australia events like Prime Day, Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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Protect and grow your global brand

Being one of the most visited marketplaces in Australia, Amazon also provides support and tools to help your business grow like Advertising, Brand Registry, A+ content, and more.

Top products to export to Australia

Some of the bestsellers on Amazon Australia are:






electronic goods

Electronic goods

Documents required to export to Australia from India

To export from India to Australia, some of the documents that you need to obtain are:

How to export to Australia with Amazon Global Selling?

Starting an e-commerce exports business is easy and hassle-free with Amazon. Below are the steps you can follow to start exporting:
What products to sell in USA

Decide what to sell

Choosing what products to export from India to the Australia is a crucial step. It is important to understand product demand and plan your business goals. Amazon facilitates export of 30+ product categories including home textiles, garments, spices, jewellery, and leather goods that can be exported from India to Australia.
Register with Amazon Global Selling

Register and create a seller account

You can register and create your Amazon global seller account on Seller Central by submitting a few KYC documents and credit or debit card (international transactions enabled) details.
List your products

List your products

Once registered, you can list your products after selecting your cost and fee structure. To list, you need product SKU details (e.g., UPC, barcode, EAN) and product information (model number, features, expiry date, size, etc.).
Amazon seller payment method

Ship your products and fulfill orders

Exporters can choose between handling their own shipping (Merchant Fulfilled Network or MFN) or they can opt for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This allows safe and easy shipping of export products by facilitating pickup, storage, delivery and customer care services.
Amazon advertising

Receive payments and grow your business

Receive payments in your currency in a hassle-free way with Amazon Global Selling. You can use international solutions and tools like Amazon Advertising, A+ Content, and Brand Registry to grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register myself as a seller on Amazon Australia?
If you are new to selling on Amazon,
  • Click on register now.
  • Fill the required details and click on submit button.
If you are already selling on Amazon India,
  • Sign in with your Seller Central account.
  • Click on 'Sell Global' section.
  • Choose the marketplace where you want to expand to and register.

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What are the steps to sell in Australia?
In just 4 steps, you can become an Amazon seller in Australia
  • Decide where and what to sell.
  • Register a seller account and list your products.
  • Ship your goods and fulfill orders.
  • Manage your exports business, including customer support and returns.
What are the details required to register myself as an exporter for Australia through Amazon?
Amazon Global Selling has made exports easy for Indian MSMEs. To register as an exporter with Amazon Global Selling, all you need is:
  • Email address
  • Valid business address
  • Credit or debit card (international transactions enabled)

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Do I need an international bank account? Would the payment be made in foreign currency or INR?
You can use your Australian bank account if you have it already. Or you can keep using your Indian bank account, Amazon converts AUD revenue to INR and credits the amount directly to your bank account.
What are the product categories that I can export via Amazon?
More than 30 categories are open for selling on Amazon marketplaces in Europe; most products in these categories can be listed without specific permission from Amazon; some categories have additional guidelines that sellers must follow.

Visit Seller Central help page to learn whether the product you wish to sell are in open categories or in categories requiring approval. Review any category-specific requirements or guidelines and be sure you can meet those specifications, then you can initiate the approval process from the same page
1. https://www.ibef.org/indian-exports/india-australia-trade
2. https://tradestat.commerce.gov.in/eidb/ecntq.asp
3. https://www.statista.com/outlook/dmo/ecommerce/australia
4. https://www.statista.com/outlook/dmo/ecommerce/australia

Export to Australia from India with Amazon Global Selling