How to export to Singapore from India

One of the key steps for Indian sellers who want to export to Singapore from India is to understand export trade, documents required and international shipping. With e-commerce exports, setting up an export business in Singapore is seamless. Find out more in this blog.
export to Singapore from India
With 88.%% of the total population using the internet, Singapore is an exciting new region with high potential for Indian sellers1. Its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia and its air and sea linkages allow inter-regional and worldwide commerce, which have contributed to its rise as a key commercial hub in global trade. According to the World Trade Organization, Singapore has the highest trade to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ratio of 407.9% among all countries in the world2.

In this blog, learn how to establish an export business in Singapore, required documentation, and shipping to Singapore from India.

Why export to Singapore from India via e-commerce?

● Singapore has on a vital maritime route that transports massive amounts of products between the East and West. Singapore handles roughly 30% of all Asian trade3.
● The country is ranked second in the world for ease of doing business4.
● Singapore's e-commerce sales are expected to reach $2,793 million in 2021, according to Statista, with user penetration reaching 55.9% in 2021.
● $2.7 Billion+ is the estimated e-commerce sales in Singapore for 20215.

How to obtain IEC?

IEC is a 10 digit business identification number provided by DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) that allows Indian sellers to export their products globally. An IEC is the key to carrying out imports and exports of any product or service beyond the national boundaries.

Why sell on Amazon Singapore?

With the growing internet penetration and increasing awareness about e-commerce exports, Indian sellers are now opting to export to countries via e-commerce. With Amazon Global Selling, you can export to Amazon Singapore by registering your business on Seller Central. Amazon Global Selling is an e-commerce exports program that helps you take your business from India to the global markets. With over 300 million+ customers globally, you can leverage Amazon’s global scale across the 18 international marketplaces in 200+ countries and territories. Whether your business is an MSME or a large manufacturing unit or a startup, you can explore Amazon marketplaces including Amazon Singapore and start exporting.
Amazon export business-  Amazon Global Selling benefits

Singapore's top shopping destination

Amazon Singapore is among the top #5 e-commerce shopping destinations in the country. With Amazon's state-of-the-art tools, you can manage your sales and translations.
Amazon global selling India

International festive sale events

Strengthen your cash flow with events all year round. Participate in international sale events of Amazon Singapore like Prime Day, Boxing Day and Christmas.
Fulfillment by Amazon FBA

Amazon's tools for easy expansion

Focus on your business and let Amazon help you with international logistics and shipping. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), exporting to Singapore is hassle-free.

How to sell on Amazon Singapore?

Register your business

Choose the products you want to export to Singapore from India. It is vital to grasp the selling landscape of each possible market you are interested in. Then, you can register with Amazon Global Selling to start exporting to Singapore. Complete the Amazon seller registration by providing your business information, KYC details and IEC, along with a few other marketplace-specific documentation.
Amazon seller registration

List your products

Once registered, you can start listing your products on Amazon Singapore ( Amazon listing process is easy and simple. To list your products, you need to have your product SKU details (e.g. Barcode, UPC, EAN) and in some cases, product information (features, model number, size, expiry date, etc).
How to list your products on Amazon

Ship and receive payments

Order fulfillment efficiency is a crucial element of customer happiness. Understanding the intricacies of international shipping will help you run a seamless business. You can deliver your global orders to Singapore by yourself or you can opt for FBA. Under FBA, Amazon takes care of shipping, delivery, returns and customer concerns. Amazon credits the money in your bank account in the currency of your choice.
Amazon FBA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular items in Singapore?
Some of the top products that you can export to Singapore from India are – home textiles, apparel, books, electronics, tea, spices, coffee, herbal beauty products, skincare, leather products, and more.
How can I start an export business in Singapore?
You can export to Singapore from India easily with Amazon Global Selling:
· Step 1: Register a seller account with Amazon and list your products.
· Step 2: Ship your goods and fulfill orders.
· Step 3: Manage your exports business, including customer support and returns.
Published on September 28, 2021.


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