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Export to the UAE and Saudi Arabia from India

Sell on international marketplaces of the UAE and Saudi Arabia with Amazon Global Selling.
It takes less than 15 minutes to register.

Top reasons to export to the Middle East from India

Amazon UAE and Saudi Arabia marketplaces allow Indian exporters to reach new customers and increase their sales through an export business.
Benefits - Secure payments

Scope for new brands

Most Amazon customers use Amazon to discover new products or brands.
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Amazon’s tools for easy exports

Focus on your business and let Amazon help you with international shipping and logistics. With Amazon FBA, exporting to the Middle East from India is hassle-free.
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Amazon’s international sale events

Increase sales by participating in sale events of the Middle East like Prime Day, Ramadan sale, etc.
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Protect and grow your global brand

Being the two of most visited marketplaces in the region, Amazon helps your businesses grow through its international tools and for easy exports.

Trends in exports from India to the Middle East

$11.98 billion

The e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia is projected to reach $11.98 billion in 20231.


E-commerce penetration in the UAE in 20202

Top shopping sites

Amazon UAE and Saudi Arabia are popular shopping sites in the region.

Amazon trivia: Singles Day sale

Singles Day is one of the largest e-commerce sale events in the Middle East. Celebrated on November 11th (11-11 considered to be single symbolically), this sale is spread across two days in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Marking the beginning of the holiday season for Indian exporters selling in Middle East, some of the top products during this sale are consumer electronics, beauty, personal care and health products.

Documents required to export to the Middle East from India

Some of the documents that an exporter needs to obtain are:

How to export to the Middle East with Amazon Global Selling

Starting an e-commerce exports business is easy and hassle-free with Amazon. Below are the steps you can follow to start exporting:
What products to sell in USA

Decide what to sell

Choosing what products to export from India to America is a crucial step. It is important to understand product demand and plan your business goals. Amazon facilitates export of 30+ product categories that can be exported from India to the Middle East.
Register with Amazon Global Selling

Register and create a seller account

You can register and create your Amazon global seller account by submitting a few KYC documents and credit card details.
List your products

List your products

Once registered, list your products. You need to have SKU details and other product information (model number, size, expiry date, etc.).
Amazon seller payment method

Ship your products and fulfill orders

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows safe and easy shipping of export products by facilitating pickup, storage, delivery and customer care services.
Amazon advertising

Receive payments and grow your business

Receive payments in your currency in a hassle-free way with Amazon Global Selling. You can use international solutions and tools like Amazon Advertising, A+ Content and Brand Registry to grow your business.
Cost to sell in USA

How much does it cost to sell in the Middle East?

Amazon Global Selling allows you to choose a suitable export cost plan from India to the Middle East , as per your business goals.

Expert support for global expansion

Webinars and educational videos to help your learn how to export from India to the Middle East.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about selling in the Middle East.
What is the procedure to get VAT?
To store or sell goods to customers in the Middle East, you are required to register for VAT. While each Amazon seller is solely responsible for being VAT compliant, Amazon can assist you with regulatory and compliance requirement through the Service Provider Network. The time it takes to become VAT registered, can vary. To avoid delays, we recommend that you start the process as soon as you register your Middle East seller account.
How much will it cost to sell in the Middle East?
Currently, there is no (Zero) monthly subscription fee* for you to sell your products in the UAE or in Saudi Arabia via Amazon Global Selling. However, you will be charged a referral fee (based on the product you sell), shipping cost, and other promotional cost that you might incur.

*Limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply.
Do I need an international bank account? Would the payment be made in foreign currency or INR?
You can use your UAE or Saudi Arabian bank account if you have it already. Or you can continue to use your Indian bank account. Amazon converts AED or SAR revenue to INR and credits the amount directly to your bank account.
I don’t have a Amazon India seller account. Can I still sell on other Amazon international marketplaces like the USA, the UK, etc?
Yes, you do not need an Amazon India seller account to sell globally. Simply register and create a seller account in the Amazon marketplace you want to sell your products in.
I am already selling on and have a Seller Central account. How can I sell globally with Amazon?
If you are already selling in, all you need to do is decide the country you want to sell in and simply follow the easy steps mentioned here.
What are the product categories that I can export via Amazon?
More than 25 categories are open for selling on Amazon marketplaces in the Middle East. Most products in these categories can be listed without specific permission from Amazon. Some of them have additional guidelines that sellers must follow. Visit Seller Central help page to learn whether the product you wish to sell are in open categories or in categories requiring approval. Review any category-specific requirements or guidelines and be sure you can meet those specifications.


Export to the Middle East from India with Amazon Global Selling