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Why Sell in the Middle East?

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Growing exports from India

The Middle East region has a higher GDP than India. Export to UAE from India and Saudi Arabia were at $34 Billion as of 2018.
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Middle East's top shopping destination

Amazon UAE is the #1 eCommerce shopping destination in the country. With Amazon's state-of-the-art tools, you can sell on Amazon UAE with ease.
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Global festive sale events

Strengthen your cash flow with events all year round. Participate in international sale events of Amazon UAE and Saudi Arabia like Prime Day and Ramadan & sell on Amazon UAE.
Fulfillment by Amazon FBA

Amazon's tools for easy expansion

Focus on your business and let Amazon help you with international logistics and shipping. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), global selling is hassle-free. Sell on Amazon UAE and expand your business.


28 Million+

Monthly customer visits to the Amazon UAE and Saudi Arabia marketplaces

$11 Billion+

Estimated eCommerce sales in UAE and Saudi Arabia in 2020

1.4 Billion+

People across the globe shopped online in 2018
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How to start selling?

Whether you are new to exporting to the Middle East or a seasoned exporter, Amazon makes selling internationally simpler and hassle-free. Go global and ship internationally easily with Amazon FBA UAE and Saudi Arabia.
We are going to use Amazon's global footprint to export $10 billion of Make in India goods by the year 2025.
Jeff BezosFounder & CEO, Amazon Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register myself as a seller for Middle East's Amazon marketplaces?
If you are new to selling on Amazon,
  • Click on the register now
  • Choose the marketplace where you want to sell (UAE or Saudi Arabia)
  • Fill the required details and click on submit button
If you are already selling on Amazon India,
  • Sign in With your seller central account
  • Click on sell global section
  • Choose the marketplace where you want to expand
  • Start Selling Internationally

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What are the steps to sell in Middle East?
By signing up as a seller in Middle East, you can choose to sell in UAE (a constitutional federation of seven emirates. consiting Abu Dhabi Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain) or to sell in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or to sell in both territories.

In just 4 steps, you can become a seller in Middle East.
  • Decide where and what to sell.
  • Register a seller account and list your products.
  • Ship your goods and fulfill orders.
  • Manage your exports business, including customer support and returns.
What are the details required to register myself as an exporter for Middle East through Amazon?
Amazon Global Selling has made exports easy for Indian MSMEs. To register as an exporter with Amazon Global Selling, all you need is
  • email Id
  • valid business address
  • credit card with international transactions enabled
  • VAT
  • Start Selling Internationally

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What is the procedure to get VAT?
To store or sell goods to customers in the Middle East, you are required to register for VAT. While each Amazon seller is solely responsible for being VAT compliant, Amazon can assist you with regulatory & compliance requirement through the Service Provider Network. The time it takes to become VAT registered, can vary. To avoid delays, we recommend that you start the process as soon as you register your Middle East seller account.
How much will it cost to sell in Middle East?
Currently there is no (Zero) monthly subscription fee* for you to sell your products in UAE or in Saudi Arabia via Amazon Global Selling.

However you will be charged a Referral fee (basis the product you sell) on your sales and you have the shipping cost and other promotional cost that you might incur basis how you want to do your business

*Limited time offer
Do I need an international bank account? Would the payment be made in foreign currency or INR?
You can use your UAE or Saudi Arabian bank account if you have it already. Or you can keep using your Indian bank account, Amazon converts AED or SAR revenue to INR and credits the amount directly to your bank account.
I do not speak Arabic. Are there any language requirements for selling in Middle East?
Amazon requires the listings and customer support (delivery and product related) be provided in Arabic, but you need not to worry, many sellers handle language requirements through a mix of Amazon’s translation support tools and/or external 3rd party translation service providers.

If you are an existing Amazon seller then, Amazon simplifies managing your listings with Build International Listings (BIL):
The BIL tool helps you in listing your products across all marketplaces by adding offers and synchronizing prices. It also translates the content in international languages such as German, Japanese, French, etc. BIL enables you to add numerous offers to additional marketplaces quickly.

If you are yet to selling on Amazon, then you can use Service Provider Network for listing and translation requirements
What are the product categories that I can export via Amazon?
More than 25 categories are open for selling on Amazon marketplaces in Middle East; most products in these categories can be listed without specific permission from Amazon; some categories have additional guidelines that sellers must follow.

Visit Seller Central help page to learn whether the product you wish to sell are in open categories or in categories requiring approval. Review any category-specific requirements or guidelines and be sure you can meet those specifications, then you can initiate the approval process from the same page
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