Tips for Amazon Prime Day 2023: How can Indian exporters increase their sales?

Amazon Prime Day is one of the largest e-commerce sale events across the world. Indian exporters can benefit from the surge in demand for products during this period. Here are top tips for sellers to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023.
Prime day sale
Amazon Prime day tips for sellers
The Amazon Prime Day sale is one of the biggest e-commerce sale events across the world. With over 150 million paid Prime members globally and over 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, exporters can leverage this global scale to reach more international customers on the Prime Day. On this day, Prime customers get exclusive access to discounts on many product categories listed by Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers.

As an Indian exporter, you can take your Indian products global and benefit from the high demand during the Amazon Prime Day. You can use this international sale event to not just drive product sales but also for get traction on new products and build brand awareness.

Did you know?

Did you know that Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling see approximately 50% business growth during Prime Day 2022?
Prime Day sale 2022
During the sale event, customers browse through thousands of products and order in bulk, considering the offers and discounts that are usually live. To prepare for this surge in demand, here are top tips for Indian exporters for Amazon Prime Day sale.

Top products to sell during Prime Day sale

One of the key Amazon Prime Day tips is to offer the right product mix to your international customers. Here are some of the products that are in demand during the Prime Day sale.
clocks export

Home décor

• Curtains & bedsheets
• Clocks
• Vases
• Handicrafts


• TV
• Camera accessories
• Video games
• Appliances
• Essential oils
• Ayurvedic supplements (Ashwagandha)
• Hair masks
• Organic protein powder
• Lipsticks
• Oils
• Body scrubs

Baby products

• Kids’ apparel
• Body lotion
• Baby food products


• Ethnic Indian wear
• Western wear
• Denims
• Scarves

Top tips for sellers to prepare for Amazon Prime Day sale 2023:

It is important to be prepared for one of the most anticipated sale events of the year – Amazon Prime Day to make the most of the surge in demand. Below are a few tips that will help you be export-ready:
Due to the increase in purchases by customers during the sale period, it is important to be ready with the required inventory for seamless international shipping and delivery. Ensure that enough quantities of your bestselling products reach the Amazon warehouse for quick deliveries.

2. Optimized product listings

Remember to optimize your listings ahead of the Amazon Prime Day sale. For instance, if you export textile to the USA, a customer would want to know what material you’ve used, what are the designs, if there are any variations in colours, etc. This is the information you provide through product listings. The better and more descriptive your listings are, the higher the chances are for a customer to purchase your product. Using Amazon A+ content, you can add and modify product descriptions, images and texts.

3. Advertising through offers

Customers love a good deal. Having the right deals and discounts on your products during the Prime Day sale can increase your sales. Amazon Advertising provides a visibility boost to your brand and products. Ads appear in highly visible placements, within shopping results or on product detail pages. You can create branded stores and be featured at the top of the results page under sponsored tabs.

4. Use ethical tactics

The modern-day customer is more aware than ever. It is suggested that you only follow ethical tactics to fully use the Amazon Prime Day sale to your benefit. For instance, it is not a good idea to increase the list price just to offer increased discounts to the customers during the sale period. For assistance in pricing, you can use Amazon’s Automate Pricing – a tool that can adjust your prices quickly and automatically against your competition to increase your chance of becoming the Featured Offer.

5. Social media promotion

Social media is one of the most successful marketing channels for businesses across the globe. If your business social media accounts, then you can leverage them to promote your products and create awareness on offers during the Prime Day sale. You can also keep tabs on trending events and products by staying active on social media.
Exporting from India with Amazon is a seamless and an easy journey, along with a host of benefits for Indian exporters. Apart from the access to sell on 18+ international marketplaces, Amazon global sellers registered with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can participate in such international sale events and increase their sales. To cater to eligible customers on the Prime Day, all you have to do is opt for FBA, and send your products to Amazon international FC (fulfillment center).

Easy e-commerce exports with Amazon
Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is an effective and simple way to start and build your export business from India and expand across 18+ international marketplaces. Whether you are a manufacturer, seller or a startup, Amazon Global Selling enables you to take your products across the world and reach millions of international customers without setting up physical offices or warehouses outside India. The more the customers view your product, the higher are the chances of your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Prime Day Sale start?
The Prime Day sale is expected to start in July 2023. The exact dates for the Amazon Prime Day sale 2023 are yet to be announced.
How should sellers prepare for the Amazon Prime Day Sale?
Sellers can prepare for the Amazon Prime Day Sale by optimizing product listings, ensuring proper inventory and planning the right deals and discounts.
What are different promotion opportunities for sellers on a Prime Day?
There are various promotional opportunities available for Indian exporters during the Prime Day sale like lightning deals, coupons and sponsored ads.
Published on May 18, 2022.
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