California Design Den's success journey with Amazon Global Selling

With Amazon Global Selling, luxury bed linen brand California Design Den expanded internationally
and became a successful global company. Read this inspiring story to know more about the brand's success.
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Rohit and Deepak Mehrotra
Deepak Mehrotra isn’t new to exports. In fact, as the co-founder of NMK Textile Mills, he led an award-winning linen brand that made its mark among international customers in the USA and Canada. Started in 2006, his high-end bed linens became popular in the North American large department stores.

As an experienced home textile exporter, Deepak observed the slow-down of his business and made the next best move to sell to his customers directly via e-commerce exports program. In 2017, he joined Amazon Global Selling and there was no looking back.
Our initial concerns were the amount of investment required in marketing and supply chain to create awareness and trust for our brand. This was taken care of, thanks to our association with Amazon Global Selling.
Deepak MehrotraCo-founder, California Design Den
A sneak-peek of the luxury brand's workstation

A new beginning

Before he took up this new challenge, Deepak spent a year to rework the brand's complete supply chain and launched California Design Den. Joining Amazon Global Selling to sell on Amazon USA in 2017 helped him take his products directly to international customers. As a brand, the home textile exporter has taken customer feedback seriously, which has helped them make their products even better.

“We were very clear that e-commerce was the best route to take our products to the customers in the US,” Deepak says. From a trend-setting brand, California Design Den has grown to become a successful global company with the assistance of Amazon Global Selling.

Onwards and upwards

Over the years, California Design Den established its global business and strengthened its customer base by delivering quality and comfortable home textiles. This was possible due to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which helped the brand focus on creating better products, while Amazon handled shipping, delivery, returns and 24/7 customer service.

In the next three years, California Design Den launched new products and continued their steep rise in the international markets by expanding to Canada, UK and Germany. Making the best use of Amazon Global Selling’s international tools and logistics like FBA, the brand has been able to constantly get better at every aspect of marketing and promotions as well. The brand has seen a Year-on-Year growth of 89.5% since their association with Amazon. This also helped them make their way to newer regions and territories. Looking ahead, California Design Den strives to be the first Indian DTC (Direct to Consumer) brand to sell goods worth $100 million on Amazon by 2022.
The proud team of California Design Den

From local to global

Selling globally is certainly a huge milestone for any business. Like Deepak, 100,000+ Indian sellers have chosen the path to successful exporting with Amazon Global Selling across 15 Amazon international marketplaces. Wondering what is it that has inspired so many exporters to become Amazon global sellers?
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Worldwide access

The dream of any entrepreneur is to put his business on the world map. This is possible with Amazon Global Selling. Why limit to India when sellers like you can expand to 200+ countries and territories across the world and reach 150 million+ Amazon Prime international customers?
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Year-round demand

Many times, the products of Amazon sellers might be in demand only during a particular season in India. For instance, a seller manufacturing sweaters will see demand for his products between October to January in India. However, with Amazon Global Selling, the same product will be in demand during winters for other countries like Australia (June to August).

Hassle-free international shipping

Shipping and delivering international orders has become hassle-free with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Under this program, Amazon will pick up your product and hand it over to your customer, easing out the complications concerning logistics. However, you can choose to ship interational orders by yourselves also.
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Easy advertising

Amazon’s advertising solutions create new ways for sellers like you to reach eshoppers, regardless of whether they’re just starting to compare products or ready to make a purchase. Ads show up right where customers will see them (like the first page of search results or product detail pages). You can advertise your products using various mediums such as sponsored ads, coupons, offers, and discounts.
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Service Provider Networks

Amazon has identified a group of trusted third party service providers who can assist you to speed up your global selling journey through their expertise. From a network of service providers, you can select one of your choice. From shooting great images of your products to transporting them to Amazon fulfillment centers, our service providers will assist you with every step of selling online.
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Published on April 25, 2021.
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