How Shreya Vora expanded her jewellery business with Amazon Global Selling

"Challenges are what really define you."
Shreya Vora
Director, Aheli

All that glitters

A mix of contemporary yet traditional and chic - this perfectly describes Aheli, an Indian ethnic jewellery brand that has captured a loyal audience base in the Amazon international marketplaces. The story of Aheli is something that resonates with many Indian sellers who first started their journey on Amazon India before expanding globally.

A six-year-old jewellery brand, Peora (sister company), was trying to recover from the hard-hit global recession in 2012 when director Shreya Vora decided to make the most of the growing e-commerce trade. That’s when Peora joined Amazon India and attracted hundreds of Indian customers. But that was just the beginning! While the jewellery brand wanted to expand globally, the first step was to take a couple of years to gather a thorough understanding of e-commerce trade and dabble with various styles of jewellery on Amazon India, at the same time. This eventually helped Shreya and her team find a brand identity that was aligned with their sense of aesthetic and resonated well with their customers.
Our focus on quality has enabled us to garner thousands of positive product reviews from Amazon customers around the world, and maintain a 4.7 star average rating.
Shreya VoraDirector, Aheli

Going global with Amazon

With her existing e-commerce experience, Shreya became an Amazon global seller in 2015 and took her business to Amazon USA under the brand name Aheli. Soon, the brand caught the attention of millions of global customers who loved the bright and beautiful ethnic accessories from India.

The brand's aim was to offer the latest trends in Indian jewellery to global audience at competitive yet affordable prices. While it was Aheli’s first venture into the global markets, Amazon Global Selling provided the support it needed and continues to be their key export partner ever since.
Aheli's jewellery collection

Soaring high

With a strong team of 25 individuals, a majority of who are women, Aheli soon expanded to 120 branches across both retail and e-commerce platforms, along with a thriving global presence – all of it complemented by Amazon Global Selling’s assistance. After a successful stint on Amazon USA, Aheli expanded to UK in the same year. By 2020, the brand was established on the Amazon global marketplaces of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UAE and Singapore. Shipping to so many countries isn't easy, but Shreya didn't have to worry about that after she signed up with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Amazon handled her shipping, delivery, customer service and returns across the world.

While global markets gave Aheli a larger customer base for Indian jewellery, Amazon Global Selling provided a reliable and scalable platform to grow and expand their footprint. “Our focus on quality has enabled us to garner thousands of positive product reviews from Amazon customers around the world, and maintain a 4.7 star average rating,” says Shreya. For Aheli, this is just the beginning of their journey with Amazon, which will continue to be an important part of their e-commerce growth strategy.

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