How to check duty drawback status? A step-by-step guide

Duty drawback is a scheme offered by customs authorities to promote exports. Learn about the step-by-step process to check duty drawback status in the blog.
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Navigating international trade requires a solid grasp of financial and regulatory aspects, especially customs duties and potential rebates. Among these, the duty drawback scheme is especially important for Indian exporters as it offers refunds on customs duties for imported inputs used in exported goods. Understanding how to check your duty drawback status via the Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE) portal is key to maximizing financial returns and efficiency.

This blog post will explain the duty drawback scheme and provide a step-by-step guide to checking your duty drawback status on ICEGATE.

What is duty drawback?

Duty drawback is a financial rebate system offered by customs authorities to promote exports from a particular country. In India, the duty drawback scheme refunds exporters with a portion of the customs duties and taxes they paid to import materials that were used in the manufacture of exported products.1 This initiative boosts the competitiveness of domestic goods in the global market and provides significant financial benefits to exporters.

Step-by-step guide to check duty drawback status

Checking your duty drawback status is crucial for maintaining financial clarity and ensuring that your business capitalizes on the rebates it is entitled to. Here's how you can check your duty drawback status on ICEGATE:

Step 1: Navigate to the 'services' tab on ICEGATE:

Visit the ICEGATE portal and click on the ‘Services’ tab. Here, select your user type to proceed.

Step 2: Access drawback enquiry:

From the menu of available services on the left, choose ‘Drawback Enquiry’ to proceed to the drawback status section.

Step 3: Fill in the required details:

On the drawback enquiry page, you will be prompted to enter several details, including your Importer Exporter Code (IEC), PAN, location, and the date range for which you want to check the drawback status. These details are crucial for retrieving specific information regarding your drawback status.

Step 4: Submit details:

After entering the required information, decide whether you want to check for ‘Drawback Pending Status’ or ‘Drawback Sanctioned Status’. Select the appropriate button based on what you wish to check.

Step 5: Review drawback status:

○ If you select ‘Drawback Pending Status’ and your details do not appear, this indicates that your drawback amount has already been sanctioned by the bank. In such a case, you can check the ‘Drawback Sanctioned Status’ to view your sanctioned details.
○ If your drawback is pending, the ‘Drawback Pending Status’ will show you the current queue of your shipping bill, providing insight into its current status.
○ If your drawback has been sanctioned, selecting ‘Drawback Sanctioned Status’ will display details like the scroll number, sanction date, and the amount of drawback sanctioned to you.2
Understanding and checking your duty drawback status on ICEGATE is a critical component of managing your exports efficiently. It not only ensures that you are reimbursed for the duties you are entitled to but also helps in streamlining your financial planning and operational efficiency. Regularly monitoring your drawback status can significantly mitigate financial risks and enhance profitability. This is especially relevant for e-commerce exporters who navigate a fast-paced and competitive market where optimizing financial returns can make a substantial difference. For more assistance on e-commerce exports, Indian exporters can leverage the tools and services provided by e-commerce export programs like Amazon Global Selling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

· What is required to check duty drawback status?
To check your duty drawback status, you need to visit the ICEGATE portal and have details like your shipping bill number and the date of export at hand. These details are essential for tracking the status of your duty drawback application.
· Who can file for duty drawback?
Any exporter who has shipped goods abroad can file for duty drawback, provided the goods are eligible for duty drawback under the prevailing regulations. This includes manufacturers who export their own products, as well as traders who export goods manufactured by others.
Published on June 26, 2024.


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