What is a REX certificate for exports: How to obtain it in India?

REX (Registered Exporter System) is a certification for origin of goods when imported into the European Union. In this blog, learn more about its uses and process.
REX certificate for exports
Each country or region establishes a few rules and systems to ensure smooth and hassle-free imports into their territories. The European Union (EU) introduced the Registered Exporter System (REX) – a self-certification system to declare origin of goods being imported to the region.

What is a REX certificate?

REX stands for Registered Exporter System – a self-certification system created by the EU, into effect on January 1, 2017. The method promotes self-assessment of rules of origin under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). It also substitutes the issuing of certificates of origin by authorities. Under the system, exporters need to present a REX certificate of origin, sometimes also known as a ‘statement of origin’1.

What is the objective of the REX certificate?

The REX certificate for export is intended to make it simpler for exporters to submit a certificate of origin for their goods. They no longer need to consult with the appropriate authorities; instead, they can self-certify. This modification has shortened the time and cost of delivering to the EU market.

What is a REX number?

Registered Exporter System (REX) number is a code received after completing the registration procedure. As a part of the process, each application is issued a 20-digit REX number that starts with INREX and contains the exporter’s IEC, alphabetical code of the local administrator, and a numeric code for the local user.

Documents required for REX certificate

Some of the essential documents required for a REX number application is a copy of IEC and the Importer-Exporter profile. Exporters should double-check that the contact information in the IEC matches the information in their registration application. If it’s different, it is important to update the IEC certificate with information before applying for a REX certificate.

How to apply for a REX certificate?

The Department of Commerce under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is India’s Local Administrator for Administrative Cooperation. In the country, 16 entities serve as local administrators for registration. The titles of these REGs, names of their nodal officials and contact information is available on the DGFT website. Below is the process to apply for a REX certificate3:

Step 1

Local users for registration provide information about the system to exporters, accept registration applications, evaluate and validate these applications, and register them on the REX system.

Step 2

They keep exporters updated on the process, keep applications in safe custody, propose revocations to local administrators as needed, notify exporters of revocations, and re-register exporters.

Step 3

Once registered, they conduct frequent checks and audits on the orders of EU member states or with the approval of the local administrators. Local administrators in India include DGFT, Silk Board, Textiles Committee, Spices Board, and various SEZs. Registered exporters must offer a summary of the ‘statement of origin’ to local consumers to register.

What is the use of a REX certificate?

A REX certificate for export was designed to accelerate commerce by reducing exporters’ effort and expenses. It was also intended to promote preferential trade agreements with developing nations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a REX statement?
An exporter must provide declaration of origin to an EU-based importer during a trade agreement. This can be written in English or any other EU-approved language and must be accompanied by commercial documentation that identifies the exporter, importer, and products traded. Every consignment must have a declaration of origin that is valid for 12 months.
Who issues REX numbers?
The Department of Commerce in India serves as the Local Administrator for Administrative Cooperation. In the country, sixteen entities serve as local administrators for registration. The names of these REGs, as well as the names of their nodal officials and contact information, are published on the DGFT website.
Published on December 29, 2022.


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