How to modify IEC on DGFT: Step-by-step procedure

It is crucial to modify and update IEC regularly for hassle-free import and export to international marketplaces. In this blog, learn how to modify Importer Exporter Code online.
how to modify IEC
Starting an import-export business involves strategic planning and the requirement of various licenses and documentation. An IEC certificate or Importer Exporter Code certificate is one of the most crucial import-export documents that allows exporters to explore opportunities in new global marketplaces. No individual or business can ship or import products to and from overseas without an IEC, unless they are exempted under special conditions. Once applied and issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), importers and exporters can download their IEC certificate online from the DGFT website.

What is an IEC?

IEC, which stands for Importer Exporter Code, is obtained by a business as part of a commercial transaction to import or export from India. Issued by DGFT, it is a unique identification number that is required by importers and exporters to run a seamless business in international trade. Along with a permit to import/export, an IEC certificate offers numerous benefits to traders. Registered businesses can claim subsidies and other benefits offered by the Customs, Export Promotion Councils or other authorities.

Why does IEC need to be updated?

Once the IEC certificate is issued, you are allowed to start your import-export business. According to Notification No.58/2015-2020, every IEC holder is required to ensure that their IEC details are electronically updated every year between April and June. Failing to update the details can lead to the deactivation of the IEC1.

Different conditions of amendments in IEC

The DGFT has made it mandatory for IEC holders to modify their IEC particulars if certain conditions take place and even if there are no changes in the details. Here are some of the conditions that can lead to modifying your IEC details2:

Statutory modification

ICE holders must modify their certificate under normal circumstances at least once annually per the guidelines issued by the DGFT.

Voluntary modification

If there are any typing errors or misprints in the certificate or applicants want to change certain information, then the same can be edited.

Change in the company name

If there are any changes in the company name, the applicant can apply for a modification.

Business address modification

If the company’s official address changes, founders or directors must modify and update the new address in the IEC certificate.

Partners addition or deletion

If new partners are added or existing partners leave a particular business, the same needs to be modified and updated in the IEC certificate.

How to update or modify IEC online?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to modify IEC online3:

Step 1:

Visit the DGFT website and click on the ‘Update IEC’ option.

Step 2:

Enter your login credentials and CAPTCHA into the IEC dashboard.

Step 3:

Select ‘Update/modify IEC’ option on the DGFT dashboard.

Step 4:

Once you are on the modification page, there are six stages to updating your information.

Stage 1: Update general information
In this stage, the user must look for possible changes and modify the information if required. Here are details that you can update at this stage.

• Nature of the firm
• Firm name
• Name (as per PAN)
• Date of birth,
• Category of exporters
• Mobile number
• Email
• Upload proof of establishment
• Firm address details
• Branch details

Stage 2: Update partner details
In this stage, you can add or delete partner details, directors, proprietors and managing trustees. You can add a new director or partner by entering the following information:

• Director number (DIN)
• Name
• Date of birth

Stage 3: Bank account details
At this stage, you can update your bank account details if you have opened or closed an account in the last financial year.

Stage 4: Preferred sector of operation
You can update details of your preferred section of operation. If you export goods, choose the right category of products that you export.

Stage 5: Declaration
Read the declaration, tick the checkbox to agree that the information mentioned is accurate and proceed further.

Stage 6: IEC updating application submitted
Now that all six stages are completed. You can preview your IEC application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we amend an IEC certificate online?
Yes, you can amend an IEC certificate online by visiting the DGFT website and choosing ‘update IEC’ option.
How long does it take for IEC modification?
Once DGFT officials approve the modified changes, the applicant receives an email with the modified IEC certificate in three working days.
How can I update IEC without change?
The DGFT mandates that IEC holders update their IEC details every year in the April-June period. That means even if there are no changes in the business information, the IEC holder must update the IEC without change.
What happens if IEC is not updated?
Regardless of any change in the IEC details, every IEC holder must update their information every year from April to June. Not updating the details can result in the deactivation of their IEC code, and they won't be able to continue their import-export operations.
Published on September 23, 2022.


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