How to ship internationally from India to the UAE?

Learn how to ship internationally from India to the UAE in this guide — from documents required and compliance to selling your products on Amazon UAE.
How to ship internationally from India to the UAE
International trade offers businesses with immense opportunities for growth, especially when you are exporting via e-commerce and shipping from a fast-growing market like India to a progressive and dynamic market of the UAE. With increasing exports between India and the UAE, understanding the nuances of the shipping process becomes paramount. By learning about key players involved and the step-by-step method, shipping from India to the UAE becomes easier for businesses and exporters. In this blog, we demystify the steps for smooth international shipping to the UAE.

Shipping products internationally requires a different set of expertise vis-à-vis domestic shipping. It is not merely about packing goods and shipping them. There are regulations, paperwork, and many key entities involved. When it comes to shipping from India to the UAE, being aware of these intricacies can make a lot of difference.

Key parties involved in international shipping from India to the UAE

Before delving into the shipping process, it is vital to recognize the critical stakeholders in the shipping process1:

Exporter/ shipper

Person or business sending goods

Importer/ consignee

Receiver of goods in the UAE.

Freight forwarder

Intermediary who arranges transport logistics

Customs officials

Officials in both countries ensuring goods adhere to regulations

Step-by-step guide to ship internationally from India to the UAE

Understanding the requirements

Before shipping, familiarize yourself with the UAE’s import regulations and restrictions. This understanding will help avoid potential customs issues.

Choose a carrier to ship to the UAE

There are a number of different shipping carriers that offer international shipping services from India to the UAE. When choosing a shipping carrier, it is important to consider factors such as shipping cost, delivery time, and trackability. You must also make sure that the shipping carrier you choose offers the services you need, such as customs clearance and insurance. They can also advise on everything from shipping cost to the UAE to the best shipping method.

Determine the shipping cost

This depends on various factors including weight, volume, and mode of transport. Always account for potential customs duties and taxes in the UAE.

Package your shipment

Once you’ve chosen a shipping carrier, you need to package your shipment properly. This is important to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination safely and undamaged. When packaging your shipment, be sure to use sturdy materials and pack your goods securely. You should also label your shipment clearly with the following information:
· Your name and address
· Recipient name and address
· Contents of the shipment
· Value of the shipment

Prepare customs documentation

When shipping internationally, you need to prepare customs documentation. This documentation is required by customs authorities in both the exporting and importing countries. Specific customs documentation that you need will vary depending on the type of goods you are shipping and value of the shipment. You can usually obtain necessary customs documentation from your shipping carrier and keep multiple copies. Some common customs documents include:
· Commercial invoice
· Packing list
· Certificate of origin
· Shipper’s export declaration (SED)

Drop off your shipment

Once you have packaged your shipment and prepared the customs documentation, you can drop it off at your shipping carrier’s location. When dropping off your shipment, be sure to have the following information ready:
· Tracking number for your shipment (if you have one)
· Customs documentation for your shipment
· Your payment for shipping costs

Track your shipment

After having dropped off your shipment, you can track it online using the tracking number that was provided to you by your shipping carrier. This will allow you to see the status of your shipment and when it is expected to arrive at its destination.

Clear customs

At the time your shipment arrives at its destination in the UAE, it will need to clear customs. This process is usually handled by the shipping carrier on your behalf. However, it’s important to be aware of the customs clearance process and to be prepared to provide any additional documentation that may be required by the UAE customs authorities.

List of prohibited goods when shipping from India to the UAE

There are a number of goods that are prohibited from being shipped from India to the UAE. Some of the common restricted goods include2:
· Alcohol
· Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
· Weapons
· Counterfeit goods
· E-cigarettes containing nicotine

It is important to check with the UAE customs authorities before shipping any goods to the UAE to make sure that they are not prohibited.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping from India to the UAE take?
The shipping time from India to the UAE depends on the shipping method you choose. Air shipping is the fastest method, with delivery times typically ranging from 3 to 8 business days. Sea shipping is the cheapest method, but it takes longer, with delivery times typically ranging from 10 to 36 days. However, this can vary depending on the shipping carrier and other factors.
Can you courier medicines from India to the UAE?
Yes, you can courier medicines from India to the UAE. However, there are some restrictions on the types of medicines that can be imported into the UAE. You can check with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention before shipping any medicines to the UAE.
What is the cheapest way to send a package from India to the UAE?
The cheapest way to send a package from India to the UAE is by sea shipping. However, sea shipping takes longer than air shipping. If you need your package to arrive quickly, air shipping is a more suitable option.
What are the customs duties applied in the UAE?
The customs duties applied in the UAE vary depending on the type of goods being imported and the value of the shipment. Certain items, like books, some food products, and certain medical products, might be exempt from customs duties. It's essential to consult the UAE’s official customs website for up-to-date information on specific products and categories. You can use the UAE’s online customs duty calculator to estimate the customs duties that will be applied to your shipment.
Published on October 18, 2023.


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