A comprehensive guide on how to ship internationally from India to Germany

Learn how to ship internationally from India to the Germany in this guide — from documents required and compliance to selling your products on Amazon Germany marketplace.
International commerce has significantly grown over the past decade with countries establishing trade relationships to boost their economies. One such pivotal trade route is shipping from India to Germany. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a thriving business, or someone who wants to send a personal package, understanding the process of international shipping to Germany is crucial.
Germany, with its robust economy and wide market, is a lucrative destination for ‘Made in India’ products. However, shipping from India to Germany involves various factors like understanding the logistics process, legalities, costs, and specific requirements of the destination country. The shipping cost to Germany varies depending on many elements, including size and weight of the package, courier service, and any additional services required.

While we have previously deep dived into shipping to the US, the UAE, and Singapore, among others, in this blog, let’s simplify your shipping to Germany, outlining essential steps, key players, restricted goods, and the latest EU VAT regulations for a seamless experience.

India and Germany share a rich 500-year legacy of trade relations, underpinned by a history of economic collaboration1. During the period from April 2022 to February 2023, India's exports to Germany reached an impressive $9.2 billion2.

Key parties involved in international shipping from India to Germany

Understanding the roles of different stakeholders in the process of shipping from India to Germany can significantly streamline your shipping experience. Some of the parties involved are:

Exporter/ shipper:

This is the sender of the goods, responsible for preparing, packing, and labeling the shipment correctly.

Import customs authority:

The German Customs Authority regulates goods entering Germany, ensuring they comply with the country’s regulations.

Shipping/ courier company:

They handle transportation of your goods from India to Germany, offering various services at different shipping costs to Germany.

Freight forwarder:

Freight forwarder manage logistics, paperwork, and customs clearance on behalf of shippers.

Importer/ receiver:

The final recipient of the shipment in Germany, responsible for complying with the import regulations and paying necessary duties and taxes.

Step-by-step guide to ship internationally from India to Germany

Shipping internationally requires meticulous planning and understanding of the process. Here’s a simplified guide:

Determine the shipping method:

First, decide whether you will ship by air, sea, or land. This decision impacts the shipping cost to Germany and the delivery time.

Select a reliable courier service:

Choose a reputable shipping company known for its international shipping to Germany. Evaluate their pricing, delivery speed, and customer feedback.

Understand shipping regulations and restrictions:

Familiarize yourself with both countries’ regulations to avoid legal issues.

Pack your shipment:

Use quality packaging materials to prevent damage during transit.

Label your package accurately:

Include all necessary details like the receiver’s address, contact information, and any specific instructions.

Prepare the necessary customs documentation:

This includes a commercial invoice and a packing list. A commercial invoice should the following details:

• Shipper’s name and address

• Consignee’s name and address

• Description of goods

• Value of goods

• Country of origin

Track your shipment:

Once dispatched, use the tracking number provided by the courier to monitor your package’s progress.

List of prohibited goods when shipping from India to Germany:

When shipping to Germany, certain goods are prohibited or restricted. Before you ship, ensure your items are not on this list. Some of these prohibited goods are3:

• Narcotics and illegal drugs

• Explosives and fireworks

• Weapons and ammunition

• Certain food products (check with the German Customs Authority)

• Counterfeit goods and pirated copies

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping from India to Germany take?
The transit time for shipping from India to Germany can vary significantly depending on the shipping method chosen. Generally, express air courier services can deliver your goods within 3-6 business days, while economy air shipping might take anywhere from 6-12 business days. If you choose to send your package via sea freight, which is often used for large shipments, it can take many weeks, typically 5-8 weeks, due to the longer transit time and the processes involved at the seaports. Always remember that these time frames are estimates and can be affected by factors such as weather conditions, customs clearance times, and the exact locations of the sender and recipient.
What is the cheapest way to send a package from India to Germany?
Some of the most affordable options for sending packages from India to Germany include:
· Economy air shipping: Offered by courier companies, it’s slower than express services, taking about 6-12 business days, but more cost-effective.
· Sea freight: Suitable for larger, heavier shipments due to its cost efficiency, but expect much longer delivery times.
· India Post: Often cheaper than private couriers, though it may lack comprehensive tracking and take longer.
Remember to compare rates among various service providers, consider potential additional fees and understand that package size, weight, and dimensions affect cost.
Published on October 28, 2023.


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