How to export watches online from India: A step-by-step guide

If you have a watches business that you want to expand globally or you’re interested in starting a new watches export business with Amazon Global Selling, here’s a guide on all the required information to get you started.
export watches online
Watches are a popular product used in everyday life across the world. From luxury and smart watches to customized watches often bought as gifts – there’s a range of options for Indian exporters to sell watches online globally. You can choose to sell watches as a fashion accessory or as a device for sportspersons or athletes. If you’re interested in starting a watch business internationally or expanding your existing business from India to the world, this blog will give you the required information and a step-by-step process to successfully export watches from India.

Types of watches you can sell on international marketplaces

types of watches to export

Documents required to export watches online from India

Following are some of the documents required to export watches from India:

Import Export Code (IEC)
Importer of Record (IOR)
Bill of Lading
Commercial Invoice cum Packing List
• Shipping bill
Shipper's Letter of Instruction

How to export watches from India?

Exporting watches online opens up many opportunities for you as a seller and can help you reach millions of customers from India without opening a physical store or setup in different countries. The ease of e-commerce exports has enabled 100,000 Indian sellers, brands and MSMEs to choose Amazon Global Selling to build an export business from India.

With assistance in obtaining export compliance, easy listing and hassle-free international shipping, Amazon Global Selling helps you focus on your business goals by using its state-of-the-art tools. Whether you have an established e-commerce business or are a seasoned exporter, you can sell watches online to other countries with Amazon.

Step 1: Register your business

The first step is to register as an Amazon global seller by creating a seller account. You don’t have to be an existing Amazon India seller. The registration can be done online on Seller Central by submitting a few KYC documents.

Step 2: List your products

Once you have successfully registered to sell globally on Amazon, you can list your products under suitable categories. Remember to follow tips on how to list your products including attractive pictures and descriptions that are clear to international customers. You can also seek help from Amazon’s third-party service providers.

Step 3: Ship & receive payments

Once a customer places an order, you can choose to deliver it by yourself – Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) or you can opt for Amazon FBA. Under FBA, Amazon takes care of shipping, delivery, returns and customer concerns. Once a customer purchases your product, Amazon credits the money in your bank account in the currency of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which government body is responsible for the regulation of watch export?
The Federation of Indian Exports Organizations (FIEO), an apex trade promotion body in India set up by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, regulates the process of export of watches from India.
Which country buys the most watches?
USA, Hong Kong and China, Switzerland, Japan and France are some of the top importers of watches4.
Which country exports the most watches?
Published on May 31, 2022.

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