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What is Service Provider Network?

Amazon has identified a group of trusted third party service providers who can assist you to speed up your global selling journey through their expertise. Amazon’s Service Provider Network will help you with everything you need to be successful in your export business. From shooting great images of your products to transporting them to Amazon fulfillment centers, our service providers will assist you with every step of selling online.
We have been achieving a robust 50% Y-o-Y growth over the last three years, and have quickly become a top-selling Indian jewelry brand on Amazon.
Shreya VoraFounder, Aheli


Experts in tax registration and filing your taxes based on the income you make from Amazon. As you expand your business on Amazon internationally, these providers help you with tax advisory and compliance services.
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Compliance solutions

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Compliance service providers offer testing, certification, inspection, audit, labeling and quality assurance services to help you navigate the complexities of compliance when selling on Amazon marketplaces globally


Help you with photoshoots of your products and edit your existing product images to make them compliant with Amazon’s guidelines. High-quality images are an important part of selling products online, and customers rely on them when making the decision to buy.
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Enhanced Brand Content

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A+ Cataloging (Enhancing content) with rich product descriptions and features that can lead to better conversions, including multiple images, banner images, and descriptions

International shipping

For facilitating your shipment to FBA fulfilment centers or directly to customers, International shipping providers can help you through the process right from regulatory requirements, shipping and custom clearances.
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Advertising optimization

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Advertising optimization service providers help you in improving your product visibility through keyword search results, drive customers to your products and run advertising campaigns on Amazon. Providers offer guidance and assist you in growing your sales through sponsored advertisement campaigns on Amazon

International returns

If you are not enrolled into FBA, when international customers return your products, International Returns providers can help you through the process of collecting these items from customers and getting it to your preferred warehouse. This list includes companies in your customers' countries to whom your customers can send their returns. Providers may consolidate the products returned and ship them back to you, ship them to another customer or provide another alternative
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Account management

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Optimize your performance by working with service providers who will assist you in launching, managing and growing your business on Amazon
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