Export products to sell on Amazon USA: Guide for sellers

With India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the demand for products exported from India to USA has seen huge surge in recent times. In this blog, we'll tell you what are the top products that you can sell on Amazon USA.
products exported from India to USA
Demand for Indian products across the world has seen a significant surge in the past decade. Various government schemes promoting Indian products abroad like Make In India and Marketing Assistance Scheme, and the increasing awareness of ecommerce export programs like Amazon Global Selling has allowed MSMEs to sell globally from India.

Amazon Global Selling encourages Indian sellers to export items from India to the USA, among other countries, by assisting in various steps of registration and export. Indian sellers can benefit from 300 million and growing Amazon customers across the globe. Particularly on the Amazon USA marketplace, products such as home décor, textiles, leather and consumables are increasingly in-demand. Among other countries, a large amount of India's exports is to the USA. In December 2020, India's exports to the USA increased by 14% to $4.89 billion from $4.28 billion in 20191. Even among Amazon's 18 international marketplaces, Amazon USA has one of the highest Indian sellers exporting to the USA through Amazon from the comfort of their homes.

Top products exported from India to the USA

export tea to USA

Spices & consumables

38% YoY
sell textiles to US

Home textile & décor

37.5% YoY
Sell beauty products to USA

Beauty & personal care

38% YoY
export apparel

Apparel & jewelry

42.7% YoY
export toys

Toys & sport goods

37% YoY

Why sell on Amazon USA?

With 3 billion monthly visits to the American marketplaces and an estimated ecommerce sales of $1 trillion across North America by 2022, Amazon USA opens up opportunities for Indian sellers to reach new customers and increase their sales through an export business.
Amazon export business-  Amazon Global Selling benefits
Make the most of the increasing exports from India to the USA with Amazon
Amazon global selling India
Increase sales by participating in year-round Amazon USA events like Prime Day and Cyber Monday
Fulfillment by Amazon FBA
Reach millions of customers on Amazon USA - the country's most popular shopping site

How to register to export to the USA with Amazon?

By registering to sell on Amazon USA, you also get access to export to Amazon Canada and Mexico marketplaces with just one selling account. You can become an Amazon seller in America in four easy steps:
1. Decide where and what to sell.
2. Create a seller account and list your products.
3. Ship your products and complete orders.
4. Receive payments and manage your export business.

Key documents for registration on Amazon USA

Key documents required to register as an exporter with Amazon Global Selling is:
1. Identity proof like Aadhar, passport, etc
2. Business address proof
3. International transaction-enabled credit card
4. IEC (Import-Export Code)

Top Indian brands selling on Amazon USA

Indian products’ demand in the USA continues to grow. Over 70,000 Indian sellers have successfully benefitted from this growing demand by exporting globally to Amazon USA. Here are stories of a few successful Indian sellers on Amazon USA:

SVA Organics

SVA Organics began its Amazon Global Selling journey with its launch on Amazon USA in 2017. In India, the brand is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality essential oils offering a large selection of herbal extracts, perfumes, and more.

Chandrakala Creations

Rahul Agarwal's story of bringing Chandrakala Creations to worldwide consumers is an excellent example of the lengths to which Indian exporters will go to help them carve out a position in the global markets. With Amazon Global Selling, this two-decade-old Indian apparel brand expanded and started selling on Amazon USA, and garnered positive reviews and global customers.


In just three years, what began as an indigenous solution for Indian children grew to become an Indian global brand with an 8x Y-o-Y growth rate with Amazon Global Selling. PlayShifu takes pride in creating educational toys that focus on critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
Our rapid rise has been fueled by a strategic global expansion, in collaboration with Amazon. Amazon's huge reach is at the heart of our adoption plan. We have expanded across the world thanks to Amazon Global Selling - Amazon USA, UK, Australia and UAE
Dinesh AdvaniFounder, PlayShifu

Why export from India with Amazon Global Selling?

Starting and managing your Amazon export business has become easier than ever for Indian sellers, thanks to state-of-the-art logistic solutions and tools. With its easy-to-use tools and a seamless registration process, exporters can expand their business and sell on Amazon USA with the assistance of Amazon Global Selling. With access to Amazon's 300 million+ active customers worldwide, geography no longer limits Indian sellers, opening export opportunities to 200+ countries and territories. Selling on Amazon presents a powerful worldwide channel for businesses of all kinds with no initial expenditures of developing a website or setting up a physical store.
Published on August 22, 2021.

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