How to renew IEC online: A step-by-step guide

Importer Exporter Code is a unique identification number required for import & export from India. In this blog, learn how to renew and modify your IEC online.
How to renew IEC online
Importer Exporter Code is a 10-digit number allotted by the DGFT to exporters and importers involved in international trade. To carry out import and export activities from India smoothly, it is necessary to obtain an IEC. Once obtained, it needs to be updated and renewed every year between April to June. To simplify process, IEC can now be updated or renewed online using a few important documents.

Why should IEC be renewed?

The DGFT recently notified that every IEC holder is required to ensure that the details of his/her Importer Exporter Code is updated electronically. Even if there are no changes in the IEC for a particular year, it must be renewed or confirmed online every year1. Under the 12th February, 58th Notification by DGFT, certain amendment clauses were introduced for the Importer and Exporter Code (IEC)2:

• IEC holders must electronically update their IEC details every year. Even if there are no changes in IEC, the holder must confirm this status online. This annual update and confirmation process is a necessary compliance requirement for IEC holders.
• IEC has now been recognized as e-IEC.
• IEC can be deactivated if it is not updated within the specified timeframe. However, it can be reactivated upon successful updating. Please note that this deactivation does not affect any other actions taken for violating other Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) provisions.
• Furthermore, an IEC may be flagged for scrutiny, and it's the responsibility of the IEC holder(s) to promptly address any flagged risks. Failure to do so will result in deactivation.

Disadvantages of not renewing IEC Code

• IEC license will be deactivated if it is not updated within the specified time frame.
• You cannot operate any trade without a renewed IEC code.

Documents required for IEC code renewal

Some of the documents required for IEC renewal are2:
• Importer Exporter Code (IEC) license number
• Scanned copy of company Pan Card
• Scanned copy of register address proof
• All directors, trustees, partners Pan cards, Aadhar card copies and mobile number
• Copy of GST certificate

How to renew IEC code online?

Step 1:

Register your business on the DGFT website. If you have already registered, select Apply for IEC.
Step 1: Register your business on the DGFT website. If you have already registered, select Apply for IEC.
Step 2: Login using your credentials. Click on Link IEC. Once you have linked your IEC, a new pop-up window opens asking for digital signature requests. For this, you are required to authenticate either by Digital Signature Certificate or Aadhar card.
Step 3: Once you have linked by authentication, you can renew or update other information on your IEC. Choose Update/Modify IEC option and fill the required details.
Step 4: Once the three steps are done, you can review changes. Use your digital signature certificate to authenticate it.
Step 5: Once updated and renewed, it can be printed by selecting Print IEC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I renew my IEC code?
Between April and May every year, IEC holders must renew their IEC certificate for a smooth working of your export business. It is necessary to update your IEC on an annual basis with your verified email and mobile number of the business3.
How do I reactivate my IEC code?
If not renewed within due date, Importer Exporter Code is deactivated and cannot be used further. To reactivate it, one must visit the DGFT website and renew at the earliest.
Why is my IEC suspended?
IEC is suspended if annual updates are not filed within the due date. It then remains inactive until it IEC is updated or renewed.
Does IEC code need renewal?
Yes, IEC needs to renewed yearly.
Published on September 10, 2022.

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