A guide on top products to sell on Amazon Australia

Interested to know the bestselling products in Australia? In this blog, learn what are the top selling products on Amazon Australia and the process to export to Australia.
top selling products on amazon Australia
Did you know that Australia is the 11th largest ecommerce market in the world1? With a year-on-year growth of 15.5%, Australia is one of the fastest-growing markets. As an Indian seller, you can benefit from the growing use of ecommerce by exporting and selling on Amazon Australia. With Amazon, you can reach millions of international customers in Australia without setting up a physical store or warehouse in this country.

To help you plan your business expansion to Australia, we have curated a list of some of the bestselling products to sell on Amazon Australia.

Top products to sell on Amazon Australia from India

Textile: Apparel & home

There are multiple opportunities in the Australian clothing market, the textile category being among one of the bestselling products in Australia. Below are the bestselling fashion products to sell on Amazon Australia:

· Womenswear
· Menswear
· Ethnic wear
· Kitchen linen
· Home textile
· Bath linen

Toys and games

The Australian toys and games market was at AUD1.75 billion in revenue in 20202. Below are the top toys and games products to sell on Amazon Australia:

· Learning games
· Board games & puzzles
· Outdoor games
· Building games

Home décor

The love and demand for Indian handicrafts and handmade products, especially in the category of home décor, is growing across the world, including Australia. Indian home décor products are known for high quality material and intricate designs. Below are the bestselling home decor products to sell on Amazon Australia:

· Bedding accessories
· Lighting
· Handicrafts
· Handmade rugs & carpets

Pet supplies

Did you know that almost two-thirds of Australian households have a pet? If you have a business in pet supply category, you can benefit from this growing number and provide quality products for pet owners shopping on Amazon Australia. Bestselling pet products/supplies to sell on Amazon Australia:

· Pet food
· Toys for pets
· Leash and collar
· Pet bed & homes

Garden supplies

Reach international customers engaged in outdoor and gardening activities by offering quality and unique products in garden supplies that solve customer’s pain points and challenges. Top selling garden supplies are:

· Gardening tools (hose splitter, mini-greenhouse and gardening bag)
· Outdoor dining (barbeque, cutlery and accessories)

Sports products

From rugby and soccer to cricket, basketball and golf, a range of sports are popularly played in Australia. Indian sellers manufacturing high-quality sports goods can export their products and sell on Amazon Australia. Bestselling sports products to sell on Amazon Australia:

· Exercise accessories & tools
· Sports apparel
· Sports goods (ball, cricket kit, etc)

Beauty and cosmetics

Beauty and cosmetics as an industry is thriving to be one of the fastest growing consumer markets, fueled by the demand for cosmetics and herbal beauty among youngsters. Bestselling cosmetic products to sell on Amazon Australia:

· Skincare
· Makeup products
· Body scrub
· Hair oil
· Beard grooming


Aligned with global trends, the demand for consumer electronics is growing in Australia. As an Indian exporter, you can make the most of this trend and sell your electronic products on Amazon Australia. Below are some top selling electronic products on Amazon Australia:

• Mobile accessories (Chargers, wires and phone covers)
• Earphones
• Tripod stick
• TVs

How to sell on Amazon Australia: Step by Step guide

Amazon global selling

1. Register

Create a seller account and choose the countries you want to export to. All you need to set up your account is your identity proof, business address proof and credit card.
Seller receiving an order

2. List

List your products on any or all of the 18 Amazon international marketplaces. You can list a few products or opt for bulk listing, as per your business goals. Once your products are listed, international customers can view and place orders.
Delivering the order

3. Ship

You can choose to ship your products by third-party services or let Amazon do it. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon handles storage, packaging, international shipping, delivery & returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is selling on Amazon Australia worth it?
Yes. Amazon Australia is the second-largest e-commerce platform in Australia. You get access to a wide variety of consumers by selling on Amazon Australia.
Which product is in high demand in Australia?
The list of bestselling products on Amazon Australia ranges from beauty, sports, fitness and health to apparel, garden supplies and electronics, among others.
Can individuals sell on Amazon Australia?
Yes, an Indian seller with registered business can sell on Amazon Australia. The first step to exporting to Australia is to register with Amazon Global Selling.
Published on May 2, 2022.

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