From Rajasthan to Europe: The Success Story
of an Indian Leather Store

Leather exporter 'A Jaald Store' has been associated with Amazon for a long time now. So, when the brand saw a demand for leather goods internationally, they joined Amazon Global Selling and expanded to the world. Find out more in this blog.
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Hussain Gurana, founder of A Jaald Store
A Jaald Store was started in the lanes of Rajasthan with a dream to manufacture leather products that add value to customers’ lives. What began as a small business soon expanded across Europe, reaching thousands of international customers, courtesy Amazon Global Selling.

With chic and compact leather products including hand bags, luggage, satchels and journals, this Indian brand is one of the torchbearers of self-sustenance and strong entrepreneurial spirit. The team’s passion to deliver handcrafted leather products and accessories, plus Amazon’s support and assistance, helped them gain global presence.
The growth for A Jaald Store has been
phenomenal, and we continue to evolve as a brand. We are excited to explore several new markets in many more countries with Amazon in the future.
Hussain GuranaFounder, A Jaald Store

Growing by leap & bounds

India is one of the top exporters of the fine leather, which opens up indefinite opportunities for A Jaald Store, and it has made the best of it. With Amazon Global Selling, the brand started its global journey by selling on Amazon USA. The relationship between A Jaald Store and Amazon has been going strong for many years now!

Apart from being a global seller, Hussain also signed up for Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) right when it was introduced. What started with two units a day soon grew to hundreds and there was no looking back. FBA handled delivery, shipping, returns and 24/7 customer service, which helped Hussain focus on expanding his business.

Soon, A Jaald Store started exporting to Europe and Amazon UAE, and saw a Year-on-Year growth of 62%. Now, they sell over 180 units per day. It’s no wonder that Hussain is an equally proud founder and Amazon global seller.
A sneak-peek of the brand's leather bags collection

Go green

With an aim to create chemical-free goods, this store employs vegetable tanning to treat leather and other traditional methods of manufacturing products that not just adds an Indian touch but also has a unique characteristic. The bags are made by local artisans, who share the passion of reviving old leather art and ensure the treatment is 100% eco-friendly. Although this is time-consuming, the finished product gives them an unbeatable sense of pride.

From local to global

A project started at home is now an international business with a loyal customer base in Europe - the story of A Jaald Store is truly inspiring. With Amazon Global Selling, the brand has gained global presence and has strived to get the best products to its customers. Wondering how Amazon helped them reach new heights? Find out:
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Worldwide access

The dream of any entrepreneur is to put his business on the world map. This is possible with Amazon Global Selling. Why limit to India when sellers like you can expand to 200+ countries and territories across the world and reach 150 million+ Amazon Prime international customers?
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Year-round demand

Many times, the products of Amazon sellers might be in demand only during a particular season in India. For instance, a seller manufacturing sweaters will see demand for his products between October to January in India. However, with Amazon Global Selling, the same product will be in demand during winters for other countries like Australia (June to August).

Hassle-free international shipping

Shipping and delivering international orders has become hassle-free with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Under this program, Amazon will pick up your product and hand it over to your customer, easing out the complications concerning logistics. However, you can choose to ship interational orders by yourselves also.
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Easy advertising

Amazon’s advertising solutions create new ways for sellers like you to reach eshoppers, regardless of whether they’re just starting to compare products or ready to make a purchase. Ads show up right where customers will see them (like the first page of search results or product detail pages). You can advertise your products using various mediums such as sponsored ads, coupons, offers, and discounts.
Service Provider Networks

Service Provider Networks

Amazon has identified a group of trusted third party service providers who can assist you to speed up your global selling journey through their expertise. From a network of service providers, you can select one of your choice. From shooting great images of your products to transporting them to Amazon fulfillment centers, our service providers will assist you with every step of selling online.
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