How to sell globally on Amazon: Your #ExportKaPassport

Amazon Global Selling is your ticket to international marketplaces and global expansion. The e-commerce exports program has made exports easy and simple, supporting over 125,000 Indian exporters to expand globally.
how to sell globally on amazon
With increasing internet penetration and technological adoption, Indian exporters can reach more customers across the globe. Amazon Global Selling, an e-commerce exports program, enables Indian exporters to take their businesses across 200+ countries and territories. Whether it is a multi-city store, an upcoming startup or a seasoned exporter looking to expand your business, with just one click, sellers can get #ExportKaPassport and enjoy access to diverse marketplaces, international customers and festive sale events.

Among others, MSMEs selling leather, home décor, textiles, books, shoes, toys, consumables like tea and herbal products are the biggest to benefit since they can now easily set-up an export business online and reach millions of customers. Today, exporting is economical and logistically feasible for many entrepreneurs.

How to become an Amazon seller?

Sensing the growing importance of e-commerce, businesses are keen on launching their products globally through Amazon. In return, Amazon aids such businesses to focus on expansion by providing support with international tools and logistics solutions.

Whether you already have a well-established e-commerce business, exporting offline or possess a passion for selling, here is how you can cross borders and sell your products in other countries with Amazon:

Step 1: Register your seller account

For Indian sellers wondering how to sell on Amazon, the first step is to create an Amazon seller account. For Amazon seller registration, you require an active bank account with relevant information like PAN number. Upon registration, you will have access to Seller Central, a one-stop-destination for all things related to selling on Amazon. While registering, it is also suggested to simultaneously obtain required documents for your export products. Amazon assists you in this step through the Exports Compliance Dashboard.
To export from India, you require certain documents and licenses depending on
your product category and destination country.

Step 2: Where to sell

Amazon online business can be done in 200+ countries and territories. You can choose any or all of the Amazon international marketplaces where you can sell your products. Below are the marketplaces you can choose from:

Step 3: Upload listings

After registering online, you need to list the products you are looking to sell globally. You can list via two ways - listing tools on Seller Central or the Seller App to list your products. These portals are simple and easy-to-use. You can even hire professionals from the extensive Service Provider Network for help with photography or cataloguing products.

Once you have listed the products, your customers can view them globally. Enhance your listings further by using sponsored ads or offers that enable you to target the right customers.

Step 4: Shipping & product delivery

Amazon notifies you on the Seller Central dashboard of the purchases made by your customers. For exporters who have chosen Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), Amazon will take care of end-to-end processes such as storage, packing, picking, and delivering the product to your customer. For those who have not enabled this feature, you will have to handle the shipping, returns, customer care and more by yourselves.

Become a Prime seller

While you take your business to new global markets, you can guarantee a great customer experience - free, fast, and reliable delivery and world-class customer support as an Amazon Prime seller. Over 200 million+ paid Prime international customers benefit from services like fast delivery, special deals and more. Explore this feature on Seller App or Seller Central.

Step 5: Receive payments

After the order is placed and paid, your money will be credited to your bank account. You can view the balance on the Seller Central Account.

Why export with Amazon?

Amazon export business-  Amazon Global Selling benefits

Grow your business globally

Why limit to India when you can acquire new international customers? Amazon Global Selling takes your business to millions of customers across the world.
Amazon global selling India

Diversify your sales all year round

Not just Diwali, make the most of international peak selling seasons & sale events like Prime Day, Christmas, Black Friday, and Ramadan, among others. Choose from 30+ categories to sell globally.
Fulfillment by Amazon FBA

Use Amazon's tools for easy expansion

You can focus on your business while Amazon helps you with international logistics like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and customer service, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sell globally on Amazon?
The first step involves setting up your Amazon Global Selling account for the online marketplace where you plan to sell. If you are already selling products on Amazon India and have a seller account, then click on " sell globally" dashboard to register and start selling on another other international marketplaces. If you are new, register your business on Seller Central.
How do I become a global seller on Amazon?
Firstly, register your business on Seller Central. Choose any or all of the 18 Amazon international marketplaces where you want to export. After creating your account, you can easily link your accounts to multiple regions, smoothly make deliveries internationally, and also customise your plans according to your needs.
Published on April 25, 2021.


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