WOW Skin Science takes Indian consumer products global with Amazon

While the team at WOW Skin Science focused on creating new skincare solutions, Amazon Global Selling provided an e-commerce platform to take these products to international customers. Find out how this Indian brand WOW-ed the world!
Arvind of WOW Skin Science
Ashwin with a WOW Skin Science product
WOW Skin Science’s products truly offer the best of both worlds by combining Ayurvedic formulas with Western herbal preparations. Since the first product launch in 2016, the brand has continued to sell skincare - premium, vegan and cruelty-free products. With their passion and Amazon Global Selling’s assistance and platform, WOW Skin Science took consumer products from India across the world.
I couldn’t be more proud that WOW is one of the best-selling shampoos on Amazon. With close to 11,000 reviews and a 4-star average rating, we are excited to be one of the fastest-growing shampoo brands and a natural beauty staple in every household worldwide.
Ashwin SokkeFounder, WOW Skin Science

Customer first

Founded by Arvind and Ashwin Sokke, along with their business partners Manish and Karan Chowdhary, it was the brand’s unique herbal offerings that captured international customers in the competitive export industry. Their ‘customer first’ ideology resonates with Amazon’s customer obsession principle - and that’s their secret to global success. “We are so proud to prove that you can have natural products without harmful chemicals, parabens, sulfates or preservatives that actually work,” says Ashwin.

Having joined Amazon Global Selling in 2016, WOW first started to sell skincare and beauty products on Amazon USA. It also opted for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), benefitting from the international logistic solution that took care of delivering, shipping, returns and customer feedback.

By making the best use of Amazon’s state-of-the-art tools and logistic solutions, WOW worked on providing quality products to customers. They invested time and efforts in research and development to create many unique solutions including their proprietary ‘mother of vinegar’ extract from raw Himalayan apples.
The proud team of WOW Skin Science

Aiming high

As a brand, WOW has strived to create effective yet gentle wellness products, while Amazon worked on taking these products to the global markets. When they say products, the brand means customized hair and skincare solutions that are customers’ favorites worldwide. Their offerings have expanded from their best-selling Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo and conditioner to skincare, grooming products, essential oils and more.

With Amazon’s support, WOW could focus on their business and products. Even assessing customer feedback quickly helped them understand how to provide better products. “We remain focused on delivering premium quality natural products to customers around the world with Amazon,” says Ashwin. In 2021, WOW aims to expand to Canada and Europe, reaching new customers in territories across the world.
The making of WOW Skin Science products

From local to global

Taking everyday consumer products global, WOW has certainly gained a global presence since its association with Amazon Global Selling. Apart from being an active exporter, the brand has benefitted from several tools like FBA and BIL available for sellers to reach customers and boost sales easily.

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Worldwide access

Worldwide access

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Year-round demand

Many times, the products of Amazon sellers might be in demand only during a particular season in India. For instance, a seller manufacturing sweaters will see demand for his products between October to January in India. However, with Amazon Global Selling, the same product will be in demand during winters for other countries like Australia (June to August).

Hassle-free international shipping

Shipping and delivering international orders has become hassle-free with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Under this program, Amazon will pick up your product and hand it over to your customer, easing out the complications concerning logistics. However, you can choose to ship interational orders by yourselves also.
Easy advertising

Easy advertising

Amazon’s advertising solutions create new ways for sellers like you to reach eshoppers, regardless of whether they’re just starting to compare products or ready to make a purchase. Ads show up right where customers will see them (like the first page of search results or product detail pages). You can advertise your products using various mediums such as sponsored ads, coupons, offers, and discounts.
Service Provider Networks

Service Provider Network

Amazon has identified a group of trusted third party service providers who can assist you to speed up your global selling journey through their expertise. From a network of service providers, you can select one of your choice. From shooting great images of your products to transporting them to Amazon fulfillment centers, our service providers will assist you with every step of selling online.
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Published on April 25, 2021.
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