What is global branding: How to make your local brand global?

Global branding builds a positive brand image that is consistent in markets all over the world and also helps brands to get worldwide recognition.
What is global branding
As an exporter or a business owner, you not just want your customers to recognize your brand but want them to continue purchasing your products. When you have international customers in marketplaces across the world, it’s even more important to create a strong brand image, so they choose to shop with your business rather than others on the same e-commerce site. This is what global branding is all about.

What is global branding?

Global branding refers to the process of creating and managing a brand image in the international markets with the intention of increasing its strength and recognition. Global branding creates and builds awareness around the business among customers.

Why should your brand go global?

Going global is one step closer towards building an international brand that serves customers across the globe. It helps exporters with profit growth, long term business model development and worldwide brand awareness.

More profits

Taking your brand global opens up multiple opportunities and reaches millions of customers. Businesses usually expand internationally to diversify their assets and discover new regions that they can export to. Reaching a new market brings in new sources of income for your business. With e-commerce exports, going global is easier than ever.

Reduce risks

When you are focussed on just one market, your business may be impacted by the said market’s fluctuation. Considering economies across the world vary, expanding your brand in more than one country will help you diversify your markets.

Economy growth

Exporting goods from one country to another is a great step to expand your business in the international markets. By going global, you may help businesses achieve higher economic sizes in a number of industries, especially for businesses with limited local markets. Increasing expected demand is one of the major reasons for any brand to go global.

What are the benefits of global branding?

Your brand is not just about logos and colours – it is about the brand identity that customers relate to, when they think of your products. Global branding establishes an identity not just in India but internationally.
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Increase the brand’s reach
The most obvious advantage of global branding is to reach more people. Once a brand becomes well known worldwide, it is sure to attract international customers, leading to higher sales.
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More consistency
Both the brand as well as the customers can benefit from the consistency of global branding. While brands can spread their message across countries, customers can be sure they are getting the same quality of product, irrespective of which part of the world they are living.
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Stronger competitive advantage
Working on global branding allows a business to adapt and change, as needed, based on consumer demands and marketplace trends, including global market trends. This will make your business more popular and compete better with other brands.
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Reduce marketing and production cost
Building a global brand helps your business in the long run. Once your customers identify your brand and come back for more orders, they are sure to refer your business to friends and family. Thus, global branding will help you grow your sales and reach organically.

How Indian businesses created global brands with Amazon

With Amazon Global Selling – an e-commerce exports program, over one lakh Indian exporters have successfully established their local businesses as global brands. Here are stories from exporters themselves:

Onwards & upwards

From supplying leather bags in 2015 with a team of six to establishing our own manufacturing unit with over 17 employees and exporting leather products across the world, we have come a long way. In our journey of growth as a popular global brand, Amazon Global Selling played a key support role. When we registered to export with Amazon in 2018, we started off on a smallscale with a few leather products to experiment and understand the response. It has been an enriching and learning experience since then! Our business has grown beyond our expectations. In a few months, we understood the demand for Indian leather and expanded our catalog by launching crossbody bags, wallets and clutches.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, our business with Amazon Global Selling grew by 54% year-on-year, which eventually led to providing more employment during tough times by recruiting a team of 10. It gives us immense pride to see the trajectory of our export business and we are looking forward to our growth with the support of Amazon Global Selling.
Ashraf Kamal,
Founder, Mou Meraki, Kolkata

For the love of food

It was the love for food that united my partner Jigar Mehta and me. On our path to discovering a simple and easy-to-use alternative to salt and sugar, we realized that over 3,000 customers were looking for the same thing - a nutritious replacement.

This is when we decided to explore this opportunity. After our success at a farmers’ market in 2016, we built two business verticals – Retail and HoReCa. We worked with some of the largest cafés, hotels and airlines in India including Starbucks, Café Coffee Day, Marriott Hotels and Air Vistara. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted this vertical, impacting 60% of our revenue source. In our quest to find newer models, we saw increasing interest from international customers for our nutritive honey and joined Amazon Global Selling. Since then, it has only been onwards and upwards.

The Amazon team supported us in setting up and making our products available in the USA. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, I spent my night refreshing the dashboard every few seconds because orders were pouring in. We became the bestseller in the honey category for the next two days – a moment that our entire team will remember for a long time. This success on encouraged us to launch on four more international marketplaces.”
Paras Fatnami,
Founder, Honey Twigs, New Delhi

All about aroma

My co-founders – Zuhair Nabee, Ilham Merchant and Ali Nabee – and I took many initiatives to engage with global consumer groups – the Arabic audience, as well as the alternate therapy community to understand the rituals and practices followed across the globe. Needless to say, we are not just a research but a highly customer-focused brand. Amazon enables us to reach and serve customers across the world with its international tools and e-commerce exports program, Amazon Global Selling.

We innovate and deliver aromatic experiences with a digital-first approach that helps us reach consumers faster than ever. While we do have the ambition to build big brands, we are committed to being a ‘from the heart’ business that deeply engages with a community of users who appreciate our values. We launched our first product in 2018, and since then, we have grown from strength to strength, disrupting myths about online consumption and limitations faced by traditional businesses. Our goal is to reach 10 million consumers, and Amazon Global Selling is enabling us to achieve this. We are humbled to see the amazing things Amazon customers say about our products.”
Taha Nabee,
CEO & co-founder, Aromatan, Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

How do global brands create value?
Global branding helps a business get recognition worldwide. Once your customers identify your brand and come back for more orders, they are sure to refer your business to friends and family. Thus, global branding will help you grow your sales and reach organically.
How do I make a global brand easily?
To create a global brand easily, register with Amazon Global Selling and get support on export documentation, listing, tax, shipping and branding.
What are the top countries to expand globally from India?
Some of the top countries to expand globally from India are USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and Mexico.
Published on July 28, 2022.

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