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Amazon Global selling- taking local Indian products global

Watch: Success stories of Indian global sellers

Amazon seller success story-SVA Organics-Delhi

Amazon Global Selling enabled this Indian organic product company grow 300 times!

“We started selling on Amazon two and a half years ago. In the beginning, we used to be happy even if we sold one unit. And now, our company has steadily grown to 300 times of our initial size.”

- Parisha Goenka, SVA Organics
Amazon seller success story- Urban Villa- Karur

This Indian manufacturing company has doubled their turnover with Amazon Global Selling

“In two years with Amazon, our turnover has doubled and our company has grown from 70 to 120 employees. We are now expanding to new territories with Amazon Global Selling.”

- Senthil Kumar, Urban Villa
Amazon seller success story-DLC-Kolkata

In 3 years, customers' demand for their products has grown by 3 times with Amazon Global Selling

“We started selling in US and now we have started selling in UK too. We have been getting good reviews from our International Amazon Customers. We are happy that our “Made in India” products are competing with international brands and we are proud of our association with Amazon”

- Zafar Nisar, DELTA Leather Corporation
Amazon seller success story- jack in the box toys- Mumbai

The Indian home grown startup has reached customers in 15 countries with Amazon Global Selling

“We started with a 200 square feet office when we signed up with Amazon Global Selling in 2017. Now, we have 10,000 square feet office catering to lakhs of customers across 15 countries with one click.”

- Ashish Ajmera, JackInTheBox Toys
Amazon seller success story-Chandrakala Retail, Varanasi

Amazon helping in exporting Indian tradition along with the product! Watch this story

“Since our Association with Amazon Global Selling, the demand for our products has grown immensely the revenue contribution from this channel has grown from 2% to 25%. With the export of our products we feel that Indian tradition is also getting exported and people are getting to know about India. Overall, it’s a good win for the community."

- Rahul Agarwal, Chandrakala Retail Pvt Limited
Amazon seller success story

Find out how Manish's online export business grew 200% in just a year

"We are happy that even when we are sleeping, Amazon takes care of our online business in USA."

- Manish Jain, Herbs & Crops Overseas
Amazon seller success story

Watch how Girijesh took his business from Delhi to the US

"Today whatever I have is all because of my online business. Not only me but everyone around me is happy."

- Girijesh Kumar, Adimani Enterprises
Amazon seller success story

Find out how Hemant expanded his business across the world

"I now export to the US, my inventory alone accounts for over 30,000 items in the US Fulfilment Centres. My business is doing extremely well, thanks to Amazon Global Selling."

- Hemant Khatri, Kavita Prints
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