What is DGFT common digital platform?

The DGFT common digital platform serves as a single access point for the issuance of Certificates of Origin (COO). Learn more about its objectives and benefits in this blog.
DGFT common digital platform
To ensure seamless trade across borders, exporters are required to obtain and submit various documents during the export and import process. One such critical document is the Certificate of Origin (CoO), which helps establish the origin of exported goods. CoO provides information about where the goods were produced, manufactured, or obtained. This information is vital for Indian exporters to access tariff concessions and other benefits applicable under trade agreements.1

In India, the Certificate of Origin is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). In 2019, the DGFT launched a new online platform for the issuance of this certificate.2 In this blog post, read and learn what the DGFT common digital platform is, its registration requirements, and benefits for exporters.

What is DGFT common digital platform?

DGFT common digital platform ( serves as a single access point for Certificates of Origin (CoO) under all trade agreements, including Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs). It has been designed to provide exporters with a secure, electronic, and paperless process for issuing CoOs. All authorized CoO issuing agencies are mandated to operate exclusively through this centralized portal.3

Objective of the DGFT common digital platform

The DGFT launched the common digital platform with several key objectives in mind:

● To create a transparent, paperless, and trackable system for the issuance of Certificates of Origin.
● To establish a unified, centralized portal for exporters to obtain CoO from authorized agencies, eliminating the need for physical visits to each agency.
● To reduce transaction time and costs associated with CoO issuance.
● To ensure accuracy and compliance with trade agreements of partner countries.4

Benefits of the DGFT common digital platform for exporters

The DGFT common digital platform offers several benefits to exporters:

Paperless cloud-hosted process

Certificates of Origin can now be managed and stored securely in a cloud-based environment. This minimizes the need for physical storage, reduces the risk of document loss, and enables easy access and retrieval of data from anywhere at any time.

Single cloud database and real-time reporting

By consolidating data into a single cloud-based database, the platform creates a unified repository for all relevant data and information. This allows for real-time reporting, enabling stakeholders to access accurate and up-to-date information promptly.

QR-code included in e-certificate

The introduction of electronic Certificates of Origin with QR codes enhances the authenticity and accessibility of these documents. The QR codes can be scanned to verify details, ensuring secure and efficient processing during trade transactions.

Streamlined communication with exporter

The platform eliminates the need for in-person visits to government offices. Exporters are promptly notified via SMS or email about their documentation status, approvals, or any additional requirements.

Real-time transmission of CoO to FTA partner country

The platform facilitates the electronic transmission of CoOs to Customs authorities of partner nations engaged in trade agreements with India. This eliminates the need for physical CoO submission, streamlining document sharing, and reducing transaction times and costs for Indian exporters.5

How to register on the common digital platform?

Exporters need to meet the following documentation criteria to register on the common digital platform:

• Exporters must have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC); this will be required for digital verification.
• The digital signature should be class III.
• The firm’s IEC code should be embedded in the DSC.6

The introduction of the DGFT common digital platform marks a significant step towards streamlining the issuance of Certificates of Origin in India. The platform simplifies the application process and enhances efficiency by facilitating real-time transmission of CoOs to partner countries. This move towards digitization is especially advantageous for e-commerce exporters, particularly those operating in remote areas, as it ensures seamless connectivity and accessibility to vital trade documentation. With such initiatives and e-commerce export programs like Amazon Global Selling, taking ‘Made in India’ products across the world has become simpler and easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the DGFT common digital platform?
The DGFT common digital platform can be used by exporters and all authorized issuing agencies in India to streamline the process of issuing and obtaining Certificates of Origin (CoO).
What services are offered by the DGFT common digital platform?
The DGFT common digital platform offers a seamless and paperless process for the issuance of Certificates of Origin (CoO).
Is there any fee to use the DGFT common digital platform?
The fee for obtaining a Certificate of Origin via the DGFT platform is based on the number of export items. Additional fees (if applicable) is determined by the relevant issuing agency.7
Published on March 19, 2024.


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