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Optimize delivery promise for shipments from India

No more manual calculation of transit times. Shipping Settings Automation (SSA) tool by Amazon calculates order delivery timelines for you for each delivery region.
Shipping Settings Automation (SSA)

What is Shipping Settings Automation?

Shipping Settings Automation (SSA) is a solution to automate transit time for your orders received on Amazon global marketplaces. Based on carriers of your choice, SSA automatically calculates the transit time from your warehouse(s) to the customer’s ZIP code.
Accurate delivery promises

Accurate delivery promises

You can eliminate unnecessary “over-promise time” for deliveries.
Improved sales

Improved sales

More accurate delivery promise will help you improve sales.
No manual intervention

No manual intervention

You do not need to manually estimate transit times for each delivery region.

How to use SSA?

Step 1
Go to Shipping Settings page and click on Shipping Templates tab.
Step 2
Create/ edit a template and click on SSA toggle button.
Step 3
Select address and carriers.
Step 4
Confirm and save the template.
To know more, login to Seller Central account and type ‘Shipping Settings Automation’ in the search box.
How to use SSA
Need help to understand more about managing transit time?
Transit time is the actual time between package handover to carrier till package delivery to your customer. Click here to learn more about transit time setup.
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Shipping Settings Automation

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Optimize your transit time by enabling SSA

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