Detailed guide: Amazon tools for easy exports from India

Expanding to international marketplaces is a milestone for every entrepreneur. As sellers take this big step with Amazon Global Selling, here are a few tools that assist in every step of this journey.
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Let's consider this scenario: You're an aspiring Indian entrepreneur with aiming to export to international marketplaces of the USA and UAE. From documentation and approvals to products listing, shipping and customer support, you receive assistance in every step of your export journey from Amazon. You've successfully reached thousands of customers globally from the comfort of your home.

This is a dream for any entrepreneur. Amazon Global Selling has made this dream come true for more than 100,000 sellers.

What is Amazon Global Selling?

Started in 2015, Amazon Global Selling is an e-commerce export program that provides assistance and support for sellers to expand their businesses across the world. A few years ago, starting an export business was a challenging task. However, with Amazon tools that support you in expanding online, selling internationally is now much easier.

Apart from helping sellers reach millions of customers worldwide, the program helps you start an Amazon online business globally and provides expert support in multiple segments that are crucial to export business. This helps exporters focus on their business and expansions, while Amazon takes care of everything else.

For example, one of the first steps for starting an international Amazon online business is registering as a global seller. While it’s a simple 4-step process, to make it more convenient, Amazon has identified a group of trusted third party service providers under the Service Provider Network (SPN), who can assist sellers to speed up their global selling journey through expertise.

Let’s look at 5 tools from the Amazon that provide assistance to new and existing exporters.

Top Amazon tools for easy export from India

Amazon global selling

1. Registration & set-up

One of the most popular and helpful Amazon solutions is Service Provider Network (SPN). The group of third party sellers assist exporters to create a successful international business by providing support in every stage of setting-up. There are various groups that handle different segments from the seller journey like:
» Compliance: Testing, certification, inspection, audit, labeling and quality assurance services
» Taxation: Tax registration and filing your taxes based on the income you make from Amazon
» Imaging: Photoshoots and editing of product images to make them compliant with Amazon’s guidelines
» Brand content: A+ Cataloging (enhancing content) with rich product descriptions and features
» Advertising: Improving product visibility through keyword search results, drive customers to your products and run advertising campaigns on Amazon
» Account management: Launching, managing and growing your business on Amazon
Export documents

2. Export documents & licenses

To make your export journey easy, Amazon supports you by providing guidance on the key document requirements and regulations. It also connects you with third-party experts who will assist you in obtaining your documentation through the Exports Compliance dashboard.

The Exports Compliance Dashboard gives you a detailed list of documents and licenses required based on your product category and destination country. Once you have the list, you can get assistance from an expert third party service provider by directly connecting with them to obtain the required export documents.
Amazon FBA

3. International shipping & returns

When a customer buys a product, either Amazon can ship the order with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or the seller can ship it themselves.

When a seller chooses FBA, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the orders. “You sell it, we ship it”: The process in FBA is as simple as it can get. All you’ve got to do as a seller is ship your products to Amazon’s international fulfilment centers. Amazon stores, packs and delivers products on your behalf.

There’s no minimum number of units and no obligation to use FBA for all your products. You have the freedom to customize your strategy to meet your e-commerce business’ needs. All products listed through FBA are eligible for Amazon Prime benefits i.e. the product will be delivered within 2 days after the customer places the order.
Amazon support

4. Translation on international marketplaces

Each country has its own culture and language. As an exporter, you might wonder how to communicate with international customers who speak different languages. We have this resolved for you.

Sellers are required to list products in the native languages on the Amazon international marketplaces. The Build International Listings tool (BIL) translates the content in international languages such as German, Japanese, French and more. It also enables you to add numerous offers to additional marketplaces quickly.
amazon advertising

5. Amazon advertising

Did you know that one of the best ways to boost product and brand visibility among thousands of other products is through sponsored ads? Advertising is one of the top Amazon tools that sellers explore to increase customer visits and sales.

Many customers come to Amazon ready to buy. Advertising helps sellers like you reach customers who are looking for products like yours. Ad optimization services also help in getting more relevant clicks, resulting in an improved conversion. Once you sign up, campaign reports track ad spend and performance, so you can learn what’s working and edit your campaigns. From sponsored ads to sponsored display and stores, sellers can choose from a range of options that suit their export business.
Amazon seller support

6. Seller University

Apart from providing state-of-the-art tools and international logistic solutions, Amazon solutions also include Seller University - a one-stop-destination for all things you need to know as a seller. This is a FREE series of training videos and sessions to help you understand our end-to-end processes, services, tools, products and policies to expand your business with ease.

You can learn from the 150+ learning modules available in English and Hindi anytime, anywhere or even on the Seller App. Along with seller university videos, Amazon also conducts webinars and workshops to answer your questions and help you start your export business.
Leverage Amazon’s global scale using state-of-the-art international logistics and solutions. Focus on your export business, while we provide all the support you need.
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