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Ship your products from India to Amazon fulfillment centers

With Amazon Global Selling SEND, you can ship your products directly from India to Amazon fulfillment centers in the US, UK and Germany.
Ship your products from India to the world

What is Amazon Global Selling SEND?

Amazon Global Selling SEND is a cross-border shipping solution that enables you to send your inventory from India to fulfillment centers in the US, UK and Germany in a cost-effective manner. Once the partnered carrier picks up your shipment, they will handle the end-to-end shipping process, including customs. You can opt to have the shipment picked up from your doorstep or you can drop the shipment at carrier’s drop-off point.

SEND supports all categories except fine jewellery and hazardous goods.
Details of partnered carriers are provided below.
Integration into Amazon Seller Central

Integration into Seller Central

You can book shipments, schedule pickup by the carrier, pay shipping charges and customs duties, and track your shipments directly in Seller Central.
Amazon-facilitated easy shipping

Amazon-facilitated shipping

You don’t need to create a separate account with the carrier or do any credit checks to use SEND for shipments to the US. Just ensure that your shipment and all relevant documents (as may be specified by the carrier) are ready at the time of pickup.
Amazon-negotiated rates

Competitive rates

You can rely on negotiated rates along with seamless Seller Central integrated payments. This makes the logistics process and payments much easier.
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Door-to-door pickup and delivery

Once you schedule pickup from your location, the carrier will come to your door to pick up the products and deliver them to a fulfillment center in the US.
Commercially cleared

Commercially cleared

The carrier will handle both – origin and destinations customs clearance.
End-to-end tracking

End-to-end shipment tracking

You can track the status of your shipment within Seller Central without any challenges.

Amazon Global Selling SEND air carriers



Transit time: 4-8 business days
Xhipment logo


Transit time: 10-12 business days
Unveiling ocean freight services from India to Amazon Fullfilment Centers

Unveiling ocean freight services from India to Amazon Fullfilment Centers

Introducing Amazon Global Selling SEND Ocean Freight in collaboration with Xhipment, POTA and MGH — a cost-effective shipping solution for sellers transporting from India to Amazon fulfillment centers in the US, UK and Germany.
Discover benefits with Amazon Global Selling SEND Ocean program:
• Access to competitive freight rates
• Regular consoles for your Less than Container Load(LCL) shipments from Mumbai and Chennai/Tuticorin
• Import/Export customer clearance and compliance support
• Scheduling of destination appointments and inbounding support
• Dedicated support from Amazon Global Selling SEND Operations and Amazon partnered carrier teams

Amazon Global Selling SEND Ocean carriers:



India to US,UK and Germany
Xhipment logo


India to US,UK and Germany
Maersk logo


India to US

Ship and deliver across the world

We support shipping from 10 countries and deliver to 7 stores across the world.

We support shipping from:
• India
• The US
• The UK
• Mexico
• Germany
• China
• Korea
• Taiwan
• Vietnam
• Thailand

We deliver to:
• The US
• The UK
• Germany
• The UAE
• Japan
• Saudi Arabia
• Australia
In my four-year Amazon Global Selling journey, SEND has been one of the best programs till date, and has solved all my logistics pain points. I’ve got competitive rates, with super-fast delivery timelines, and smooth pick up and delivery process.

Create your shipment in 7 steps

Step 1

Go to Seller Central and select the products you want to replenish and indicate the quantities

Step 2

Select SEND (Amazon Partnered Carrier), select shipping preferences

Step 3

Select preferred shipping partner (check transit time and shipping costs). Select ‘Continue to Shipping Parties’

Step 4

Provide the required shipment details.

Step 5

Accept the terms and conditions and click on ‘Accept charges and confirm shipping’.

Step 6

Track shipment on Seller Central under ‘Manage Shipments’

Step 7

Track payments in an easy manner under ‘Payments’ dashboard

4 easy steps to register with Amazon SEND

Ship your products from India to the US, UK and Germany with Amazon Global Selling SEND

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