What is full truck load (FTL) in shipping?

A full truck load is one of the most common options because it uses the entire truck for large shipments. Learn more about its benefits and average cost in the blog.
FTL shipment
Shipping goods efficiently is a critical part of any export business. Since shipping is an important factor that adds to the final cost of a product, it is important to keep shipping costs in check. Shipping goods using full truck load (FTL) has become an increasingly popular option among exporters who are transporting bulky shipments of time-sensitive or fragile cargo.

What is full truck load (FTL)?

When shipping, a full truck load is a common option because it uses an entire truck to send shipments from India. FTL service is recommended for shipments with 10–22 pallets, as well as for fragile or high-risk cargo. Because a shipment stays in the same truck throughout the route, the risk of damage is reduced with FTL. When compared to LTL, the speed, security, and dependability of FTL shipping cannot be beaten1.

Benefits of full truck load shipping

Some of the benefits are:
· One of the top methods of transportation for heavy loads
· Light and large size limits
· Quick delivery times compared to LTL and consolidation options
· A linear progression from Point A to Point B
· With just one truck driver, there’s less chance of misplacement or damage

How does full truck load (FTL) work?

In FTL, large shipments are placed in a single truck usually shipped to one destination. Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) can help choose the right shipment through their extensive carrier network, which can not just ease the process but also help with tracking delivery.

Services of full truck load (FTL)

Full truck load shipping is more cost-effective for shipments that can fill an entire container. Since the truck is not stopping for any other deliveries or pickups, FTL shipments arrive fast. Shipments traveling FTL are more likely to go missing or be damaged because they undergo less handling (there is no switching between trucks en route). With inventory management offered by e-commerce exports programs like Amazon Global Selling, you can ship your cargo and store it in their warehouses until a customer places an order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it best to use FTL?
Finding out how much cargo you have to transport and how many different locations your goods will be delivered to can help you determine if you need a full truck load.
How many pallets fit in an FTL shipment?
In FTL shipments, trailers typically range in length from 48 to 52 feet. The standard capacity of a truck is 26 skids2.
How do I ship things by FTL?
You can use third-party services to ship through FTL.
What is the FTL weight limit?
The typical operating weight limit for tractor-trailers is 44,000 pounds (19,958 kg)3.
Published on May 25, 2023.


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