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GST Assistance
To get help with GST, choose an option from the list below

Exclusive Cleartax Offering for Amazon Sellers

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Steps for obtaining GST:

  • Step 1 – Visit the government GST portal and Click on Register Now under Taxpayers (Normal)
  • Step 2 – Enter the following details in Part A –
    Select New Registration
    o In the drop-down under I am a – select Taxpayer
    o Select State and District
    o Enter your business name and PAN details of the business
    o Enter email address and mobile number. The registered email id and mobile number will receive all OTPs related to GST registration process
    o Click on Proceed
  • Step 3 – Enter the OTP received on the email and mobile. Click on Continue. If you have not received the OTP click on Resend OTP
  • Step 4 – You will receive the Temporary Reference Number (TRN) now. This will also be sent to your email and mobile. Please note this number
  • Step 5 – Once again go to GST portal. Click on Register Now
  • Step 6 – Select Temporary Reference Number (TRN). Enter the TRN and the captcha code and click on proceed
  • Step 7 – You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile and email. Enter the OTP and click on proceed
  • Step 8 -You will see that the status of the application is shown as drafts. Click on Edit Icon
  • Step 9 – Part B has 10 sections. Fill in all the details and submit appropriate documents.
    Here is the list of documents you need while applying for GST registration-
    o Photographs
    o Constitution of the taxpayer
    o Proof for the place of business
    o Bank account details
    o Authorization form
  • Step 10 – Once all the details are filled, go to the Verification page. Select on the declaration and submit the application using any of the following ways –
    o Companies must submit application using DSC
    o Using e-Sign – OTP will be sent to Aadhaar registered number
    o Using EVC – OTP will be sent to the registered mobile
  • Step 11 – A success message is displayed and Application Reference Number(ARN) is sent to registered email and mobile

Registration process for GST:

We have broken down the registration process for GST into smaller parts for your convenience.
How to fill ‘Part A’ of GST enrolment form?
How to fill ‘Part B’ of GST enrolment form?

Categories that are exempted from GST

You can click one of the links below to check if your product falls in the GST exempt category.
Have your GST Details ready?

What is listing?

Listing is the process of making your product available for sale on Amazon. To list your product, you need to have your product SKU details (e.g. Barcode, UPC, EAN) and in some cases product information (features, model number, size, expiry date, etc.)
Chose the options you need help with
Listing can be done in one of 4 easy ways. Click on an option to learn more:
Requirement: Your product is already listed on Amazon
Ideal for: Sellers who have few products (less than 50-100) products to list per month
You can also scan barcodes and list products using
your phone camera with the Seller App
Requirement: You can upload products in bulk for both - a new product on Amazon or an already existing Amazon Product
Ideal for: Sellers who have 100 - 1000 products to list

Prepare an inventory file

Requirement: You can prepare an inventory file for both - a new product on Amazon or an already existing Amazon product Ideal for: Sellers who have 100 - 1000 products to list
Requirement: Your product is not listed on Amazon
Ideal for: Sellers who have a product not listed on Amazon
When you do not have a product barcode/UPC/EAN
If you do not have bar codes for the products you wish to sell on Amazon, you will have to apply for an exemption. This is called getting a GTIN exemption at Amazon. Watch the below video to see how to get your GTIN exemption and then list your product:
Use Brand Registry to protect your brand
If you are the maker, manufacturer & owner of the brand you should consider using Amazon's Brand Registry service to Register your brand.
Benefits of Brand Registry:
  • Accurate brand representation: gives you more control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name
  • Search and report tools: help you find products using your brand name or logo
  • Additional brand protections: to attempt to identify and remove potentially bad listings
  • Brand Registry Support: available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Active registered trademark under the Controller General of Patents Designs & Trade marks
  • Trade mark must be registered (for Text-based marks: Word Mark, for Image based marks: device/combined)
  • You must be the trade mark owner to submit the application on Brand Registry
  • We will verify the information you have submitted before you can access Brand Registry features
*requries Seller Central login
Facing errors during registration?
Here are some of the common errors you may face during registration, and how you can resolve them
I am not able to create a new Seller Central account
I am seeing the error "Mobile number already in use"
If you receive the error "Mobile number already in use: You indicated you are a new customer, but an account already exists with the mobile number", this could be because your phone number is already linked to an Amazon account (this could be your customer account)

If you have a customer account which uses the same phone number, choose 'Sign In' and enter your customer account password to begin selling with the same account.
Choose 'Forgot Password' if you have forgotten your password
Choose 'Create account with a different mobile number' if wish to use a different mobile number for your selling account
I am seeing the error "Email has already been used"
If you receive the error "Your provided Email <your email> has already been used. Please use another Email address.", this could be because your email is already linked to an Amazon account (this could be your customer account)

If you have a customer account which uses the same email, choose 'Sign In' and enter your customer account password to begin selling with the same account.
Choose 'Forgot Password' if you have forgotten your password
If you wish to create your selling account with a different email address, change your email address & begin registration
I can’t login to the account
Seller Central sign in help
Try these steps in sequence to resolve the sign-in issues:
1. Verify that you are using the correct email and password combination. If you have more than one Amazon account with the same email address but different passwords, use the corresponding password for each account.
2. Ensure that there are no extra spaces in your password. This can happen when you copy and paste your password from somewhere else.
3. Verify that you entered the most recent Two-Step Verification code you have received, if you are prompted to enter one. Older codes won't work. For more information, see Two-Step Verification.
4. Clear your browser cookies and cache or try logging in with a different browser or device.
5. Use our Password Assistance page to verify whether the email address you are using is the one registered in our system.
6. If yes, change your password using the Password Assistance page.
7. Log on to Seller Central using your new e-mail/password combination.

If these steps do not resolve the sign-in issue, it is likely that your email and password combination is not associated with an active Seller Central account. If you did not deactivate your account, click on the button below for assistance:
How do I access my company's Seller Central account?
If your company has already registered with Seller Central, your company's account administrator can set up a user account for you. If your company has not signed up to use Seller Central, click here to start selling on Amazon
I forgot my password
I forgot my password
Use our Password Assistance page to change your password. Please do not create a new Seller Central account.

Note: If you change your password and are using something other than Seller Central (for example, Amazon Merchant Transport Utility) to submit product-related and order-related data, you might need to reconfigure those services with your new password.
I am facing problems with the 2 step verification
How do I enable Two-Step Verification?
If you are an existing Seller Central user who has not enabled Two-Step Verification, you will be prompted to activate Two-Step Verification the next time you log in to Seller Central. Click “Enable Two-Step Verification” and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also access the Advanced Security Settings page from the Amazon website, which will take you through an identical experience.

• Two-Step Verification is tied to the login you use to access your Amazon accounts. If you use the same login for both your Amazon buyer and seller accounts, this process will protect both of them.
• If you have not already done so, Amazon recommends that you create individual logins with different email addresses, via User Permissions, for everyone accessing your seller account. Not doing so could pose a security risk for you in the future and could cause loss of access to anyone else using that particular login. See the Help topic Set user permissions for more information.
• If you already have individual seller logins for each user accessing your seller account, each account will need to enable Two-Step Verification separately.
What happens if I don't receive my Two-Step Verification code via SMS text message on my cell phone?
Click the “Didn’t receive the code?" link on the webpage where it asks you to enter your code. This will list any back-up methods you designated when you set up your account. If you do not receive the SMS text, you can opt for a voice call to your registered cell phone number. If you do not receive a code during registration, check that the provided phone number has no typos and includes a region code and that your cell phone is able to receive SMS text messages.

For a step-by-step guide on enabling Two-Step Verification – See How to enable Two-Step Verification

For FAQs on Two – step verification – See Two – Step verification FAQs page

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