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How to Start your Online Business
with Amazon
by certified trainer Nazia Faiz

English | Hindi
Amazon-certified trainer Nazia Faiz
You will learn about:
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Shipping and faster delivery
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Creating product listings
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Fee structure
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Seller University is a one-stop answer for all your learning needs while you sell on Amazon, all free-of-cost. It is here to help you understand our end to end processes, services, tools, products and policies, to grow your business with ease via various modes of education such as Videos, Study materials, Online Webinars and In-city classroom trainings. Start learning everything about selling on Amazon by registering as a seller today!

We have 200+ learning modules (in English & Hindi), Online Trainings & Recorded Sessions so you can learn anywhere, anytime, even on the Seller App.
I would recommend every seller to watch the educational content and attend the free trainings the team provides on a regular basis as that is one of the major factors I was able to quickly achieve success as a seller.
Krutika BhuptaCo-founder, 9shines Label
I have been visiting Seller University
regularly and more after the lockdown
as I could get more time to go through
the videos and training programs.
I learnt about various programs like
Go Local and Automate Pricing which
helped me increase my sales to 2X
SandipCo-founder, GOCART

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