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Biswajit launched his online handicraft store, Hastika while still being employed with an IT company in Delhi. Today, Haastika not only employs around 10 employees who work relentlessly to meet the growing orders coming from Amazon, but enables and uplifts the lives of handicraft artisans in Odisha.

Anupam, the owner of an established saree retail store in Varanasi, looked up the best ecommerce marketplace. He wanted the traditional Banarasi silk sarees to find a growing customer base who can buy the authentic saree directly from Banaras, without having to coming all the way!

Sellers are always on the lookout for ways to earn a higher income. And one obvious option is opening up the online sales channels for their business. In other words, they should always be on the lookout for credible sites, like Amazon, and start selling! See more on easy ways to list products for online sale here.

It’s a great opportunity and in the case of individual sellers, it’s the smarter way to do things. The risk is much lower for both entrepreneurs and small sellers as the initial capital investment is only a fraction of what’s required to start a physical retail shop. You can read about the numerous sellers listed today and read their journey and success stories here. For them, online selling sites were, and still are, a source of untapped potential.

In this article, we want to show how you can stand a chance at increasing your earnings by selling online. Discover how it can improve your revenue streams even if you find selling offline easier and more profitable.

Choose a good online selling ecommerce platform

It all starts with a wise decision. Yes, a lot of us are looking for effective options to sell online. While it is a good idea to have your own ecommerce portal, you can always register on existing portals to boost sales. It will not only save you the extra cost of website maintenance but shorten your product’s time to market. Even big brands that have their own ecommerce portals are leveraging online selling sites and the huge audience base they have.

Amazon helps one to expand sales to the biggest audience

The key of any business is customer, and an online marketplace like Amazon connects you with millions of them. And it makes perfect business sense since we are living in a world that’s getting increasingly digital. Besides, it’s rare for any brand to get sizeable reach without taking advantage of online channels.

Let’s say you wanted to sell clothes online. You will find a much bigger customer base on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon. An added plus point is that you might find a variety of customers with different budgets and interests.

It’s a safer bet to take that kind of approach. Individual sellers of homemade products or wholesale traders often begin using this strategy. It saves them from the hassle of accumulating funds to build the brick-and-mortar store.

An easy, readymade store waiting just for you.

Remember, the more effective your selling methods, the higher your revenues are. This also stands true while selling your products on ecommerce portals. While the online arena may seem overwhelming to sellers who have never explored it, they will understand its benefits as soon they start using it.

This holds true for individuals with local shops who know that they can have a larger audience. And even those who have some online presence but wish to know where else their products can be seen, or just need a shorter go-to-market time.

The Amazon portal not only helps you sell your products online but also assists you throughout your product’s life cycle by offering various support tools. For example, you can have the choice of how to display your product. You can do this by uploading custom images and content via a readymade system that’s user-friendly. You can even make special discount coupons that your buyers will love!!

Other benefits include facilities like a robust logistics system, customer support, and a dashboard that lets you track sales and ordering records. All you have to do is set up an account with a few clicks and then focus on your business. Moreover, factors like PCI compliances, hosting, and platform maintenance is handled by the e-commerce site creators.

Remember, your competitors sell online too.

A little research will show you that the majority of your competitors are already selling online. But how does that help you? When you sell your products through Amazon, you get access to effective marketing tools. These tools can let you analyse the market so you can build better marketing strategies to increase your online sales. This also gives you an advantage over sellers who may have a bigger market share but are yet to venture into e-commerce.

Also, with e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, you can save on promotional expenditure as you already have buyers! The amount you save on advertising costs can be invested towards expanding your business or anything else you see fit. You get an equal chance at success through online business to rake in high revenues without having to go overboard with a budget.

Both small and big players can leverage the power of online selling marketplaces to increase their earnings, find repeat business, do away with heavy budgeted advertising and target products more effectively. All this is simplified by using the support tools given on reliable and popular online sale sites. This narrows the disparity between them and larger brands, while building exceptional competitive advantage.

Still wondering how to increase your revenues. Pick up your phone, register on a reliable ecommerce portal, list your products and stand a chance to increase your sales, your earnings.

Register with Amazon now and see how you can transform your brand for good.
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