10 online business ideas to try in 2021

2021 is here, and like every year, there’s a new online business trend. With some evergreen product categories, some new options have also made it to the list. If you’re looking to start your online business, it’s a must to explore these options before making a decision.

People’s needs change and evolve constantly, and so do the businesses.

If you look at the previous year, the needs changed drastically due to the lockdown, and essential products became the need of the hour overnight. And so the online businesses catered those products to supply the need. Before 2020, the scenario was different.

Now that we’re in 2021, people’s needs are changing again. So if you’re looking to start a business, this is a good time to explore some online business ideas that may work well for you. Let’s have a look.

Here is the list of Online Business Trends

  • Fashion Products
  • Cooking Essentials
  • Healthy Food snacks
  • Wearables and Smart devices
  • Skincare and Cosmetic products
  • Home exercise and Sport equipment
  • Mobile and Smartphone accessories
  • Pet care products
  • Travel Accessories
  • Eco-friendly products & accessories

1. Fashion products

Fashion is an evergreen industry because people will always need clothes and footwear. Starting your online business with this can be a good option. Decide your target audience - men, women, or kids. And then choose your niche, which type of clothes you’d like to sell, western wear, ethnics, sportswear, etc. For footwear, you can choose from shoes, sandals, heels, slippers, etc. Once your business kicks off, you can slowly expand to other target audiences and niche.

2. Cooking essentials

The lockdown has shown us a lot of new cooks emerging who didn’t know how to cook before. There’s been a spike in baking items such as baking soda, baking powder, cocoa powder, etc. This gives you an opportunity to explore the cooking essentials market. The younger generation who lives away from their families is learning to cook for themselves for healthier food options. If you have an interest in cooking and related stuff, you can sell the right products to your customers like cooking ingredients, utensils, other kitchenware, etc.

3. Healthy food items

With time people have become conscious about their eating habits. They want to consume healthy food for a better life, and so healthy food items are gaining more attention now. Sugarfree items, healthy snacks, fruits, sugar substitute, unrefined products are some of the most sought after products nowadays. Any online business can flourish with this category.

4. Smart wearables

With advancing technology, people are more drawn to adopting tech-driven products in their life. Recently smart wearables are gaining popularity. These are day-to-day life products such as watches, jewellery, jackets, belts, etc., made more advanced through technology. People are being more aware of their health and fitness and want to track it using these products. So, selling such products can be a smart move for you.

5. Skincare

Gone are the days when beauty and makeup meant only for girls and women. Now everyone is conscious about their skincare, including men. This opens a big window of opportunity to explore business options in this sector, where you can opt for women’s skincare, men’s, or both. Just ensure that you’re offering quality products that won’t have a side-effect on your customer’s skin.

6. Home exercise equipment

Home exercise is becoming a thing. There are a lot of online videos or courses that show people how to exercise at home. From aerobics to core workout to resistance training, they’re doing everything indoors now. For that, people need exercising equipment. You can start your online business with equipment that can be easily used or installed at home like dumbbells, treadmill, cycle, yoga mat, resistance band, etc.

7. Smartphone accessories

Most people change their phones every two or three years. With this, their accessories might change too. And even if not, they replace them frequently either because of wear and tear or they get bored of it. Products like earphones, charger, headphones, smartwatch, phone cover, screen protector, etc. are some products you can choose to start selling.

8. Pet care

Pet grooming and care is a booming small business in India. People treat their pets as family members and are willing to spend more on them. Pets like dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, fishes, etc. are common now and each of them needs separate care and grooming items. If you’re a pet lover, then go for it and provide products like pet food, grooming items, pet trackers, tags, chains, etc., the ones the pets might love.

9. Travel accessories

Travelling is a hobby that’s picking up rapidly among people. And those who are passionate about travelling take it seriously and plan beforehand. There are various travel accessories like trekking bags, organizer kits, neck pillows, suitcases, selfie sticks, and much more. More people inclined towards travelling means more selling opportunities.

10. Eco-friendly products

People are realizing that our nature is continuously degrading and are taking the environment more seriously, especially the younger future generation. They now prefer eco-friendly products over non-degradable items. Eco-friendly options are available in many product categories like kitchenware, clothes, shoes, bottles, storage items, bags, and more. So you can start a new eco-friendly business and lead everyone to a safer world.

These are some of the options to start your online business in. You can opt any idea, including or excluding these if you feel confident and have an interest in. It helps you take your business idea to next levels faster if you’re passionate about it. Join Amazon.in to establish your successful online business.
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