A simple guide to shipping options available for an Amazon seller

Explore some of the shipping options provided by Amazon and their benefits

by Arshiya Dey on 09/02/2017
As we have previously covered, the process of online selling goes through the following primary steps:

1. Set up your online store by registering your business on an online marketplace.
2. List your products and take them live so customers can place an order.
3. Once you receive an order, you pack them and prepare them for shipment.
4. Then ship the packed products to your customers as soon as possible.

Selling online on Amazon, however, brings you many benefits. One of them would be the various shipping options briefly explained below:

Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that allows sellers to stock their products at a warehouse or a fulfillment center managed entirely by Amazon. All that a seller has to do is send their products to one of the fulfillment centers and relax. As soon as the products are received at the fulfillment centers, Amazon executives stock it up with care, pack it when an order is received, prepare it for delivery and deliver the order. This also includes managing returns. As sellers, all you need to do is keep a check on how much stock is available so you can restock it on time.

Amazon’s Easy Ship

This service helps sellers across the country, even the remotest parts of the country covering about 19 pin codes to seek help with delivering their products to the customers on or before the promised time of delivery. Easy ship rates are nominal and it saves the seller the effort of identifying a separate courier partner. This service was launched exclusively for India, so Indian sellers can have greater control over their stock or inventory.

Additionally, EasyShip sellers have the option of using the Runaway program, where the Amazon customer care will handle customer queries about your products.*

Amazon Seller Flex

This unique service provided by Amazon is for sellers who have a large amount of inventory and need help managing their warehouse. Amazon executives work out of the seller’s warehouse and perform the same functions as they would for FBA. They stock the products carefully, and upon receipt of an order, pack it, deliver it and manage returns.*
This is currently an invite only program.


In case, you have just started selling online and want to try out shipping your own products. At Amazon, you have the freedom to select your own courier partner. You can purchase our branded packaging material online at a nominal rate and co-ordinate with your courier partners to ensure that your products are shipped on time If you own a local store, you can get the Prime badge for nearby pincodes through Local Shops on Amazon. At any given point if you need help or guidance, you can get in touch with our seller support team.

To learn more about Easy Ship, Fulfillment by Amazon, Self-Ship or for tips on how to self-ship you orders, visit our page where you can compare all storage, warehousing and delivery options
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