Create coupons on Amazon and delight your customers

Learn some of the benefits of having coupons and how to create coupons on Amazon

by Swati Bucha and Sagithya on 20/04/2018
Amazon recently announced the launch of ‘Coupons’, another new tool to grow your business that will allow online sellers to create their own digital coupons to offer exciting promotions to their customers. This service will help them promote their products and eventually get better sales.

In simple terms, coupons are the digital version of vouchers, similar to those we get in brand stores or supermarkets. These can be used to avail money off or percentage off on eligible single or multiple products. Coupons appear throughout pages including offer tags on search results, Amazon deals page, product detail pages, and there is even a separate page just for coupons. The customer can simply click on ‘Collect Coupon’ and the offers are instantly applied during checkout. You can learn how to create a coupon on Amazon.

Benefits of creating coupons

Increase the visibility of your products

Offering discounts attract customers to your online store, thereby increasing the visibility of your products. Make sure that you advertise your offer clearly and while writing the description. You should also emphasise on discounts and once the offer is set, you can expect to see increased traffic.

Increases your chances of making a sale on Amazon

Coupons increase the chances of attracting more customers towards your products, which in turn helps in improving your sales. Any kind of a promotional offer or a coupon automatically draw customers’ attention. Every customer eagerly looks for some offers while shopping. As a seller on Amazon, you can also set create coupons for your buyers and increase the chances of getting more sales.

How to create coupons on Amazon?

Getting started is very easy.
All you have to do is go to the ‘Advertising’ tab and click on ‘Coupons’.
If you are creating, coupons for the first time click on ‘Create your first coupon’.
Choose your products for which you want to generate coupons by entering the product SKU or ASIN, click on go and add a coupon button.
Continue to the next step, enter the discount you want to offer as money off or percentage off and set your budget.
Select if you want to restrict the coupon redemptions one per buyer or many and continue to next step.
Give your coupons a title, if you want you can even choose to limit the audience of your coupons to all buyers or prime buyers.
Schedule it for how long you would like the coupon to run and continue to next step.
Review and click on Submit. Coupons will be live on as per the scheduled time provided by you.

By creating coupons, you may be able to attract a large customer base, who will shop from you over and over again. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself as an Amazon Seller today and take advantage by creating offers on Amazon.
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