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Gear up for  the Great Indian Festival 2022
Despite the pandemic, Amazon's Great Indian festive sales have managed to sell crores of rupees worth of products, contributing heavily to our economy as well. Thousands of sellers have taken advantage of this one-month period to gain massive success in terms of sales and popularity. If you wish to be among these sellers too and gain huge profits, then here are some tips for you.
4 Benefits to SMBs from selling on Amazon during the festive season
A major category of sellers who have managed to successfully scale their businesses while leveraging the festive seasons is SMBs. Amazon has several benefits that can be highly advantageous for any kind of business. To help you get more clarity on what we mean by this, here are four benefits you gain from selling on Amazon during the festive season as an SMB.
3 programs by  Amazon to ensure growth during the 2022 festive sale
The festive season that attracts crores of customers every day also hosts a huge number of sellers. So what can you do as a new seller, to be able to keep up with them, and grow your business despite such intense competition? Well, that is exactly what we are here to help you with. Listed below are three category-wise-dedicated seller programs that will help you with a much-needed edge over your competition.
How to find a  profitable product to sell online for the festive season in 2022
Finding the ideal bunch of products for your business is nothing short of a task. It has to be in demand, easy to sell, and something that can fetch you good profits since that is the end goal of any business. But how do you find what to sell? Read on to find out answers to all your questions about finding the perfect product for your business this festive season.

Blogs by Amazon Saathis

SUHRID THAKER, Managing Partner - Katalysst
If you are a seller on Amazon (both new or existing), here are a few pointers and basics that you can follow while selling either private label products or other branded products.
SUHRID THAKE, Managing Partner - Katalysst
PINKY MAHESHWARI, Founder - Surprise Someone
Sharda Daga and Pinky Maheshwari started Surprise Someone in September 2015. She decided to quit her high paying job and chose to bring smiles on the hidden talented artisans of India with her business venture. Find out how in this blog.
PINKY MAHESHWARI, Founder - Surprise Someone
ABHISHEK GABA, Owner - Vimal Clothing
Find out how selling on Amazon has played a major role in making this company credit free and profitable, and transition from the edge of getting dissolved due to heavy debt with some of the reasons that led to this conversion.
ABHISHEK GABA, Owner - Vimal Clothing
INDRANEIL BOSE, Owner, Futuretech Solutions
At Amazon, sellers get to choose from a variety of delivery options to fulfil their orders. One such option is the understated – Seller Flex model. Seller Flex is in no way inferior to the FBA model. Find out how our seller is achieving profit by using Seller Flex.
INDRANEIL BOSE, Owner - Futuretech Solutions

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