Tips & Tricks to Sell on Amazon – An Amazon’s Sellers View

Consumers have changed their mindset about shopping online. They conduct thorough research before making a purchase. They are also making several direct purchases online through their smartphones without stepping foot into the stores. So, it is important to start thinking about selling online. So here are a few pointers and basics that every seller can do whether selling private label products or other branded products if you are a new or existing seller.

a) Create a good product catalogue

● Use really good images:
63% of customers think that images are more important than product reviews or descriptions. Hence, it is important to have product pictures that are of high quality. The images should clearly explain the product. For example, if you are taking a photograph of an earring in the jewellery category, it should clearly depict the size on a model and how it would look along with the dimensions of the earrings.

● Infographics:
In a case you are selling a fan or air conditioner, in addition to a product size, an infographic would be a good way to show how the product works and highlight its key features. Additionally, product descriptions must be very detailed and should avoid making false claims. Products titles need to relevant and must be concise with keywords that will help customers find them, easily.

Once all the above basics are completed and if you are the owner of a brand with a registered trademark of brand, it is essential to do A+ cataloguing. A+ cataloguing allows you to create a brand store, it is like having your own website/landing page for your brand on Amazon India

SKY and SAND Brand store Product Page Example of A+ Catalog

b) Sponsored products:

Once you have your product page hygiene in place and since your SKU/ASIN is new to the Amazon marketplace, it won’t be very easy to randomly search for your product. It takes time for a new product to show up on search as it is new to the website. A solution for this would be to use the Sponsored Product feature on Amazon. Promoting your products will increase visibility on the search page. Initially the money spent on advertising will be high. However, over time it will normalise and will give you a better return on investment. If your product is unique, then your average cost of sale will be low for money spent on advertising.

There are two ways to do this, in the automatic way, Amazon groups your product to the category you have put it in and displays your product to people searching for similar products such as yours. In the manual option, you can select the keywords for your product which will help people search for your product. If you have a registered trademark and your brand is registered on Amazon, you can also go for Brand advertising and drive people to your brand store where customers can see your entire brand page and product offerings.

c) Fulfilled by Amazon and Amazon Prime:

To ensure success it is important that your products have the Prime or Fulfilled by Amazon badges. This will enable you to send your products to Amazon fulfilment centres (FC’s). Majority of Amazon India sales come through Prime eligible products. The Prime badge gives customers confidence to purchase on Amazon, as it is also acts as a proof to the fact that your products comply with Amazon’s policies and is not making false claims about the product.

The above mentioned pointers are critical for all new sellers to follow as it gives your products and brand a chance to achieve success. While you keep in mind all these points, listed below are the foundational pillars for basic success on Amazon. These foundations will only bring success when all of these are implemented together.
• Product Hygiene
• Sponsored Advertising
• Fulfilled by Amazon
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